Game of Thrones: Jon Snow will lead the army of White Walkers against Daenerys Targaryen and her Dragons

This theory posits that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, both Targaryens, will, by the end of the story be on two opposite sides, mirroring the Blackfyre Rebellion. 

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The prophecies are not to be taken literally.

With this being said, what strikes us, as very strange, is the strong parallel between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, which will be the focal point of this theory. They are born around the same time, in the aftermath of the Usurper’s bloodshed, and more importantly, in the aftermath of two Targaryen king’s deaths – Aerys and his heir Rhaegar. In order to follow us we have to go back to two very important events – Blackfyre and Baratheon Rebellion – and read the part of Elio’s and Linda’s text:

“When Daemon Blackfyre rebelled, nearly bringing down the reign of his half-brother (or cousin, depending on who you believed) Daeron the Good, he sent a man by the name of Quickfinger to try and steal away some eggs from the Targaryens, perhaps to serve as a symbol… or perhaps to try and wake them himself, to prove once and for all that he was the true king. After him, his son Daemon II tried to gain an egg and hatch it, believing that his dreams prophesied that a dragon would be born if he did; his plot fizzled, but a dragon was born, in a way, in the form of a more mature and subtle young Prince Aegon Targaryen who would one day be king. As it happens, that particular dragon egg disappeared from Whitewalls, probably falling into the hands of the alleged-sorcerer called Bloodraven, a descendant of Aegon the Unworthy and at the time the Hand of the King. What became of that egg? Its description rather closely matches one of three eggs presented to a certain young Targaryen bride, on the day of her marriage to a certain Dothraki warlord….


Perhaps the most important of these past efforts to raise a dragon, in terms of its impact on the present timeline, was Summerhall. The palatial summer residence of the Targaryens, raised by Daeron the Good at the juncture of the Reach, the stormlands, and Dorne as a sign of the peace had brought about, is in the present time a burned-out ruin. “Summerhall” is a name full of tragic connotations in the Seven Kingdoms, all thanks to that dream of dragons. It seems Aegon V the Unlikely, that same young Prince Aegon from years before, attempted to raise one or more dragons only for catastrophe to strike. Aegon died, and his son Prince Duncan the Small, and perhaps also the Lord Commander of his Kingsguard, Ser Duncan the Tall. Jenny of Oldstones, Prince Duncan’s lover or wife, became the subject of a sad song, dancing for her ghosts… and when the ruin came, a kind of dragon was born, the last dragon according to some: Prince Rhaegar. Summerhall marked his birth, and it marked all of his days after that, leading him onto a path he thought was destined.”

Therefore, Aegon V the Unlikely and Rhaegar Targaryen are two “dragons” heralded by a tragedy. Why is this important? Many have, as we know, tried to awaken the dragons from stone, and many have failed. We believe a “true dragon” has the ability to do so, but only under the right circumstances. Death of Aegon the Unlikely and his son, and heir, Duncan the Small, enabled the Mad King Aerys to ascend the throne, which lead to familiar sequence of the events that consequently spawned Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Therefore, being a “true dragon” is only one condition met. In order to give the birth to a dragon (mythical creature), according to the prophecy, one has to perform a sacrifice under the bleeding star.


Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are, following this analogy, also “dragons” born amidst a tragedy, from the deaths of Targaryen King/Prince soon to be the King, but this time born around the same time, unlike in earlier examples. Both Jon and Dany are stranded in different parts of the world, going through hell, unable to directly participate in the events taking place in Westeros. However, they are privy to certain events that are of greater importance to the whole picture and end goal: Daenerys is (a) grooming the dragons that have not been seen in centuries and no one believes in; Jon is (a) in the possession of an albino direwolf, a creature also not seen in ages; (b) a warg; and (c) fighting the White Walkers that were not seen in 8000 years and again, creatures, needless to say, no one believes in.

So, the quick summary of the things Daenerys and Jon Snow have in common:

(1) born in the tragedy, within months, probably from the same Targaryen lineage;

(2) unable to participate in current events and cast out by the rest of the Westerosi;

(3) privy to certain events and having the knowledge about certain creatures first hand, something the other Westerosi could only dream of;

(4) they both experienced a certain form of death (will Jon survive is yet to be found out) that had/has the potential of liberating and giving them the confidence needed to grow; and last but not least

(5) they are both “true dragons” born from Aerys/Rhaella’s lineage.



The Blackfyre pretender had a dream that a dragon would hatch at Whitewalls. Egg turned out to be that dragon… Targs are known for dreams such as that. Aegon believed that The Prince That Was Promised would come from Aerys and his sister. We posit a theory Aegon knew he had a role to play in fulfilling this prophecy. Then he had a dream that a dragon would hatch at Summerhall. Rhaegar was born at the night of the Sumerhall Tragedy. We think Rhaegar also knew/dreamed that Aegon died so he would bring a true dragon into the world. Rhaegar always had a special/strange connection with Summerhall. When he dreamed that he would need to be a warrior to fulfill the prophecy he went to the yard the next day. So, it is our belief, that Rhaegar dreamed that Jon would be The Prince That Was Promised and that’s why he took Lyanna, started a war, left 3 kings guards at the Tower of Joy to protect Jon and Lyanna, so he would die in peace on the Trident. Therefore, in our theory we posit that Jon Snow is TPTWP, the son of ice and fire (Ice being the House Stark – The North and Fire being the House Targaryen – The South, only two magical houses in Westeros). This is the duality of Jon Snow that we will attempt to elaborate further.

The last time we saw Jon Snow was in ADWD where he was repeatedly stabbed by his brothers of the Night’s Watch and is currently presumed dead. However, since no other character in the book witnessed his death, it is safe to say that Jon Snow lives.

The brining back to life can happen in few possible ways:

01. Melisandre will use the Red God to bring him back, much in the same way Thoros brought back Dondarrion, which will take a little piece of Jon’s humanity

02. Melisandre used her magic to glamour Jon Snow making him appear as someone else to the brother’s of the Night’s Watch (Rattleshirt/Mance case). Hardly unlikely for several reasons: the title of the chapter said Jon Snow and not Lord Commander; Jon’s final thoughts wandered of to Arya, Needle and the last thing he told his sister “stick them with the pointy end“. Why would someone who is not Jon think of Arya and Needle during his final moments. Makes little to no sense. Jon Snow was the person who got stabbed.

03. Jon wargs into Ghost in the nick of time. Considering that Jon will,  in this particular case, be alive for a short period of time (a dead warg that inhabits his animal slowly begins to die out within the animal he warged in) it stands to reason that Jon’s Ghost life will only be temporal, that is until he finds the way to re-enter his human body.

04. Bloodraven planned this all along (possibly with Shiera Seastar) by warging Mormont’s raven and making sure Jon is elected for Lord Commander, which eventually lead to his death. We believe he is grooming him for command, literally. Also, nice foreshadowing. What the command is we do not know because we don’t know much about Blodraven’s agenda as it is. Does he work for the WW? Does he want to establish the Blackfyre Royal Targaryen line as the revenge against being sent to the Wall? If so, Jon, being again the bastard son of a Targ fits nicely into this story.
So how will this play out? Two words: Theon Turncloak.
There is a debate going on as to who is the ghost from the ADWD chapter “The Ghost of Winterfell”. Some say it is Benjen Stark,  some say it is Theon Greyjoy’s split personality… I say it is twofold. The “Ghost of Winterfell” (as in hooded man who goes around killing Bolton men) is Mance Rayder (Abel, the singer) with his people, which is the reason Mel sent him to Winterfell in the first place as Jon assumed, correctly. But. “Ghost of Winterfell” is also Theon, simply because this is his POV chapter.  This means that the title itself foreshadows development of Theon’s character arch that will end in death making Theon another one of Wintefell’s Ghosts. To what end? For one, Theon has suffered enough. Clean death would be a nice way to end his life. And if his death can aid a sorcerer from North of the Wall in resurrecting one of the remaining Stark children, his debt will truly be paid. Bloodraven, with the help of Bran, who’s been communicating with Theon via Weirwood tree (ADWD) and ravens (TWOW), will use Theon’s beheading (suggested to Stannis by Asha in TWOW) as the blood sacrifice and a retribution for Eddard Stark and his boys, to raise Jon from dead.  “There is power in king’s blood” and a reason why the last image Bran Stark saw through Weirwood in ADWD was the blood sacrifice. Death for Life.

We believe it is the fourth possibility because we believe his rebirth amongst smoke (Jon Snow’s smoking wounds) and salt (The Wall is salty and Bowen Marsh’s tears should not be neglected either) will awake a dragon or dragons. Being born amidst the smoke and salt screams the name of Azor Ahai, but we do not believe Jon will be reborn as Azor Ahai. We hypothesize AA and TPTWP are two different entities and Jon is born with the potential of being both. Stay with us.

In Melisandre’s prophecies she calls for Azor Ahai but all she sees is Snow. This bares both metaphorical and literal meaning. All she sees is Snow as in Jon Snow – this is the allegorical meaning; all she sees is snow as in snow (atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals) – this is the literal meaning that tells us more about the ending scene, as seen in the House of Undying. Furthermore, in her flames she saw a “wooden face, corpse white, thousand red eyes and a boy with the wolf’s head”, she believes these are the Great Other’s champions. We believe one of these, besides the Bloodraven and Bran Stark, will end up being Jon Snow reborn (Wooden Face – Bran Stark, Thousand Eyes and One – Bloodraven, Boy with the Wolf’s head – Jon Snow)

This duality of Jon Snow we are talking about does not reside only in his parent’s lineage (Stark + Targaryen) but is in fact twofold, which has already been foreshadowed by his unique storyline: he was born a bastard but raised as a noble; he is the outcast in the Night’s Watch same as everyone else yet he is trained by the master-at-arms unlike everyone else; he is the brother of the Night’s Watch yet he became a Wildling too; he became the part of the Wildling Bunch when he broke his oath betraying the Night’s Watch yet he betrayed the Wildling Bunch for the oath he gave to the Night’s Watch. This shows us that he not only can fight for both sides, depending on the context he is found in but also that he follows his own sense of morality and logic. So indulge us for a moment here and assume Azor Ahai and The Prince That Was Promised are two separate entities. Then assume Daenerys Targaryen is Azor Ahai whilst Jon Snow, who has the potential of being both as in being both good and evil, is in fact The Prince That Was Promised. Now imagine the following scenario.


What if White Walkers wake up every time Azor Ahai, the champion of R’hllor, is reborn, and not vice versa – he comes when they are awakened? What if the Lightbringer is a metaphor? What if the Lightbringer is not necessarily a sword? Lightbringer is a means of fighting the WW; Lightbringer means fire; Lightbringer is forged in a sacrifice of the loved one… So what if the dragons, which perfectly fit the profile, end up being the Lightbringers? They can easily fight WW, they are fire and they are forged in three sacrifices: Miri Maz Dur’s and Drogo’s death and Dany’s rebirth. One sacrifice for one life.


We hypothesize that only one of them, Jon or Daenerys, will, in fact, fight the doom, saving the world from the eternal darkness. And now comes the twist, the doom will, contrary to the popular belief, not come from the White Walkers, but instead from Daenerys Targaryen. And no, we do not believe Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will meet, fall in love and rule Westeros happily ever after, reestablishing the Targaryen lineage. No, we do not believe Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are the Song of Ice and Fire. With this being said, we strongly believe Jon Snow will lead the army of White Walkers…and ironically, mirroring the scene from the beginning of season 3, he will fight, to use his own words, “the side that fights for the living” but it in reality the side he will fight for it is the side that fights for the life. In this way we will have a rightful Targaryen fighting a bastard Targaryen, mirroring the Blackfyre Rebellion but on a whole new level.


And how does one fight the dragon?  Well, with another dragon.



According to the story there were originally five dragon eggs. Ilyrio Mopatis gave three to Daenerys as a wedding gift. Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers presumably has another in his possession. The location of the fifth one is unknown (possibly at the bottom of the sea according to Greyjoys). If Bloodraven has the dragon egg, and if Jon Snow is a Targ by blood (bastard or not), this would explain Bloodraven’s interest in Jon Snow, which brings us back to the fourth possible rebirth of Jon Snow in the upcoming book. So far we know that Valyrian blood is somehow tied to the dragons, which enables Targaryens to tame them. Starks are descendants of the First Men, able to warg other living entities and bond with direwolves. If Jon Snow is both, and if his rebirth is of any importance, and we believe it is, it is possible that the duality he carries within himself can make him fit for awakening both types of dragons: (1) dragon from stone Melisandre is talking about, which is probably not hidden at the Dragonstone but is instead in Bloodraven’s possession; Euron’s egg, which he claims he tossed into the sea (see Patchface) and (3) the ice dragon.

As for the first type, the best evidence we have is Bloodraven’s particular interest in two particular Stark boys: Jon Snow (via Mormont’s raven) and Bran Stark (via three-eyed raven). This is a tricky part now because we don’t know Bloodraven’s agenda. If he wants Jon dead then everything Bloodraven did has lead Jon to that path except Jon will be reborn. Being the last greenseer he surely knows past, present and future, meaning he will know that Jon will be reborn, therefore, the only conclusion we can draw from this sequence of the events is that Bloodraven needs Jon Snow reborn and in order to be reborn Jon Snow needs to die. Bloodraven is therefore well aware of that especially if he is in the possession of the infamous dragon egg. He needs Jon to literally wake the dragon from stone and he also did promise Bran that he would fly.


As for the ice dragon it is a species of dragon that exists in Westeosi fairytales. Old Nan used to tell tales of the ice dragon. However, whether ice dragons did actually exist in the A Song of Ice and Fire world at one time is unknown. There is no mention of the Valyrians taming ice dragons although they did tame fire-breathing dragons.

Ice dragons may have never existed except in the fairytales. There is a constellation of stars named the ice dragon to the north. Its blue eyes points north. According to GRRM’s children’s novel titled The Ice Dragon a little girl Adara, the protagonist of the story, is born in the long winter, during which the worst freeze had taken place that anyone could remember. Her mother died giving birth to her. Adara loves the winter and feels attracted to the cold. She prefers to play with snow and ice and ice lizards. Her skin is always cold to the touch. She feels that the ice dragon had always been in her life. When she is four years old she touches the ice dragon for the first time. She rode upon its broad, chilled back for the first time in her fifth year. The people of her town fear the ice dragon. It is said that it is a creature of legend and that no man has ever tamed one. When it flies overhead, it leaves a desolate cold and frozen land. But Adara is not afraid of the ice dragon, for she is a north, winter child. When she is seven the fiery dragons from the North came and swoop down upon the peaceful farm that is Adara’s home. She and her ice dragon fly towards them and the ice dragon fights the other dragons in order to protect Adara and her family. The ice dragon defeats the fire dragons, but afterwards the ice dragon is nowhere to be seen, only a pond that had never been there before, a small quiet pool where the water is very cold. After the disappearance of the ice dragon the cold leaves Adara and she is then finally able to smile, laugh and weep like other little girls.

Upon the stabbing at the Wall, all Jon could feel was the cold. As per usual, Night’s Watch deals with the dead bodies by placing them into the Ice Crypts beneath the Wall. We believe Jon’s body will end up there where he would eventually “resurrect” being thus symbolically “born” during the cold winter, with his skin cold to touch.

Finally he looked north. He saw the Wall shining like blue crystal, and his bastard brother Jon sleeping alone in a cold bed, his skin growing pale and hard as the memory of all warmth fled from him.


Again, following Dany’s analogy from book one/season one, where she was forged in fire, Jon Snow will be forged in ice beneath the Wall, when a new, full grown dragon, made of ice, will come to life from the Wall itself. Needless to say, we strongly believe the Ice Dragon is part of the Wall a mysterious magical ice block that supposedly can be crumbled to awake “giants” and we believe Jon Snow is the one that will breathe the life in it.


According to the legend the Others first appeared approximately 8,000 years before the War of Conquest, during a winter that lasted a generation in a period of darkness known as the Long Night. A great hero, known in the eastern religion as Azor Ahai, led the war against the Others wielding his sword of fire Lightbringer, driving the Others away. Eventually they were defeated and Bran Stark, known also as Bran the builder, probably as a defense against them, built The Wall (we believe the opposite). The Night’s Watch was established around the same time to stand guard and protect the people of Westeros. In the Westerosi tradition it is believed that Azor Ahai may be the last hero who would be reborn when the White Walkers wake up from their thousand of years long sleep. Melisandre believes Stannis Baratheon is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, something that is yet to be confirmed. Also, there is another similar prophecy about the Prince that was promised. It is not clear whether or not this is one and the same person. Melisandre also believes that the Others answer to the Great Other, the God of darkness, cold and death. He is considered the enemy and the opposite of R’hllor, the Lord of Light. Followers of R’hllor believe, unlike many Westerosi, that there are only two gods, R’hllor and the Great Other who wage an eternal war over the fate of the world.


We hypothesize Bran the Builder built The Wall not as a potential defense against the White Walkers but as a defense against humans and as an obvious hideout for the awaiting dragon. Not much is known of the White Walkers, their purpose or the agenda. In one interview the writer himself said the fans misunderstand the White Walkers and instead of zombielike horde they are these beautiful elflike creatures made of ice. They are a unique form of civilization (they have developed their own language which is the first sign of civilized society) that, to our understanding, has the goal of restoring the balance in the world via the means of the nature. Also, it is a metaphor for the present state of increasing climate change, at least how we see it. Nature strikes back restoring the balance to the world.


In the last battle for the dawn, Azor Ahai pushed White Walkers back, which lead us to the sequence of the events we know now. However, the possible misconception is the purpose of The Wall and the purpose of the Starks, Bran the Builder included. We believe that The Wall is forged as a potential weapon, which will aid the White Walkers in their cause, same as the weapon in the form of dragon eggs awaited for the R’hllor’s champion to be reborn. Needless to say, The Wall is, as we know it, alive, therefore, we do not believe The Wall conceals the egg but a full-grown Ice Dragon.


While the “stone dragons” are pretty easy to write off (Melisandre could just be misunderstanding fossilized eggs), the “ice dragons” seem to be mentioned too often to discount. If the great battle ends up being the force of fire/dragons/Daenerys versus ice/the White Walkers/Jon Snow, could it be possible that the White Walkers will become Jon Snow’s army and will use the ice dragons to fight for their side? Melisandre is adamant that the Horn of Joramun must never be blown, or disaster will fall… “The Horn of Joramun? No. Call it the Horn of Darkness. If the Wall falls, night falls as well, the long night that never ends. It must not happen, will not happen!” Melisandre is petrified with the possibility of Wall coming down, not because nothing will stand in between the White Walkers and the rest of the realm but because of what comes with this crumble. Fire, dragonglass and VS blades can easily defeat White Walkers on their own, but if the dragons, controlled and lead by The Prince That Was Promised aid them in this cause they will triumph in the end, which explains why Melisandre only sees Snow. She prays for glimpses of Azor Ahai but all she sees is the snow, again, not because Jon Snow is the Azor Ahai, the champion of R’hllor but because Jon Snow will defeat the champion of R’hllor, Daenerys Targaryen, restoring the balance to the world. In other words, by the end everyone will die making the room for the new world to arise, which is precisely what Daenerys saw in the Throne Room.


Melisandre fears this, understandably. But there is something else, or better yet, someone else Melisandre fears too…



Patchface was in his youth a clever boy with astonishing wit, however after the accident at sea his mind and body got broken. Able to sing prettily in 4 tongues, the prodigy kid was taken aboard Lord Steffon Baratheon’s Ship. As we now know, everyone aboard the ship got killed including the lord, his lady and over 100 soldiers and sailors. Patchface washed up three days later, his naked skin white, wrinkled, and, the man that found him, Jornmy, swears to his dying day that the FOOL’S SKIN WAS CLAMMY COLD. They had taken him for dead, but then he coughed up water, albeit broken in mind and body; the ordeal had taken his memories, and half his wit. Now he is subject to twitches and trembles and is mostly incoherent. What happened to him during the two days is unknown, but the fisher folk like to say: “a mermaid had taught him to breathe water in return for his seed.”

A brilliant boy was driven mad after 3 days on the bottom of the sea; somewhat similar to the mad Ranger who saw the White Walkers in the beginning of the series. Our guess…he saw the White Walkers army lurking in the depths and went crazy. Here are two quotes:

“In the dark the dead are dancing.”

“I will lead it. We will march into the sea and out again. Under the waves we will ride seahorses, and mermaids will blow seashells to announce our coming, oh, oh, oh. “

“What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder, stronger”

Therefore, the Drowned God and The Great Other might actually be the same entity. If this is true then R’lhor is in conflict with The Great Other / The Drowned God and this is something that would nicely explain why Melissandre fears Patchface and constantly sees him in the flames, which also ties in nicely with the idea that Jon Snow is in fact the champion of The Great Other. Everything comes down to religion duality – R’hllor being the destruction and The Great Other being the source of life.

“Under the sea the crows are white as snow”

“Under the sea it snows up, and the rain is dry as bone. I know. I know… “

We hypothesis something is happening at the bottom of the sea…

“Under the sea, the birds have scales for feathers.”

“Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black,”

We hypothesis White Walkers (made of ice = water) will not come just from Beyond the Wall but from the sea surrounding Westeros too. This would further confirm our claim that The Wall does not have the function we were led to believe – defending the realm from the Others – but is in fact a plain sight hideaway for the ice dragon, which will prove to be the ultimate weapon against R’hllor and his champion’s dragons.


NOTE: Daenerys can’t be burned, yes, but GRRM said this is a one-time thing, the magic of dragon birth, which enabled her to stay unharmed. Her resistance to fire doesn’t have to be taken literally and therefore, I wouldn’t be using Jon’s burned arm as a proof for debunking the theory.


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Written by: Monika Ponjavić and Bruno Guedes Pereira

102 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Jon Snow will lead the army of White Walkers against Daenerys Targaryen and her Dragons

  1. rrmckelvey says:

    Brilliant theory and so well put together. So many things that I had not considered before speaking to you about it! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Most theorys are full of “ifs” and with every word you read they get more unrealistic and farfetched. But this one takes only a few assumptions and the rest follows quite on its own. It’s one of the few theories i read that are GRRM-like enough to actually become true.
    So nice theory there!

  3. Raiden says:

    This theory is pretty much disproved by Beric Dondarrion’s existence.

    It’s like, “what if 1 = -1″? Well, no, it doesn’t. The Lord Of Light is the source of all the life in the world. The people he brings back are alive and can talk, have sex and so forth, like living things.

    The things brought back by the other force are not alive, they are still dead.

    A lot of speculation that takes details and twists them into something unrecognisable from the main theme, ice and death vs fire and life. It’s pretty obvious honestly.

    Not saying Jon Snow will or won’t do anything. But Danaerys, Fire, Dragons, Life, Stannis possibly, are gonna be the good.

    • César López says:

      You forget what Sam said, that the cold kept maester Aemon alive, the cold gave him life. And fire…well, as said by Melisandre herself, death by fire is the purest, meaning only one thing, fire is death.

    • mognetic says:

      Not really true. They have memories. The only reason why Jon didn’t burn them was to find out how did they know where to go and who to attack as they were clearly having an agenda. So you see not really dead. They can’t talk..True, but neither can Lady Stoneheart. At the same time The Others/WW can talk and they do, in their own language. They have a culture and way of living developed. They can also make love. So, until we know more about The Others and Wights I will believe whatever I want. Do not like to go with prejudice when the whole nation is in question. But hey, that is just me.

      • Henrique says:

        You are forgetting one key thing: those who were revived by Other persecute newborn babies. Why? For life. In this sense, the Other is not the source of life, since his servants need of life that comes from the heat. The Craster donates their children to cold. Newborns, the most of life, noting that as you get older life is gone. It’s an interesting theory that was presented, but lacks more detailed observation.

      • mognetic says:

        @Henrique….I guess I was right and you were wrong. The Others do not kill the babies. They make them evolve onto a new stage. So in a way, they are the source of life.

      • Rtj31 says:

        Lady stoneheart can’t talk because she got her throat slit so deep it damaged her vocal chords. No other reason. She is still capable of human emotions.

      • Steve says:

        The WW can make love! Where did you get that from? I don’t remember any mention of this anywhere.

      • mognetic says:

        I read it in ASOIAF.

  4. Etalyx says:

    Very good read! Thanks for taking the time out to write it all down.

  5. Dick Trickle says:

    I have no idea what the people above are talking about, but this is hands down one of the worst piece-meal theories I’ve seen. It’s pure speculation built upon a completely factless base. Waste of time to read, although you did show a very good lack of understanding of how fiction works. Also, some of the very few facts you throw out there are completely wrong. Should’ve saved your time and not written this.

  6. stark-targ-ice-dragon says:

    did it not occur to you that the repeated mentions of ‘ice dragon’ regard Jon snow and his secret heritage?

  7. BickDig6969696 says:

    About patchface. being underwater for 3 days, means he was in a half-life. he could have been dead and referred to the sea as his half life, so “under the sea” means in the after life.

  8. mognetic says:

    Hence why it is called a theory. We are theorizing and having fun. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  9. alexsau says:

    Interesting theory, I have to say I’m hoping it’s not true. I don’t not like Jon, but the idea of him defeating Daenerys and restoring balance to the world leaves me feeling uneasy. It just doesn’t feel right to me.

    What I am wondering is the question of the “dragon has three heads”, which wasn’t addressed. We don’t know what this means – three dragons, three Targaryens… possibly something else. But on one hand your theory brings a fourth physical dragon into the mix, and on another it gives us only two of the three dragons.

    And you say that “Fire destroys life whereas the Ice preserves it”, not true. Ice, in the long winters for example kill more life than any fire will. Infact the followers of Rhalor have actually been able to give life. Neither ice nor fire are traditionally life bringing entities.

    Once again, interesting theory – I should be honest and say I’m a Dany fan, which is in large part why I don’t favour Jon in this theory – I don’t like the idea of casting Dany as the ‘devil’. But I also don’t like the theory that it will come down to ONE individual, Jon, Dany or otherwise.

    • damien says:

      i know this is a year later but think about this patchface has prophecized aot of things some even coming true and he said “under the sea smoke rises in bubbles and flames burn green blue and black. people said that viserion is cream/gold but not if its dead. what if viserion died and after that the ice dragon was born. im guessing the winds of winter was named because it will have to do with winter setting over westeros, and jon snow becoming the great others champion, and maybe the three eyed raven is secretly working with the others because he knew bran would help him, and he might eventually help bran get a warg hold over rhaegal.(i say rhaegal because i dont think grrm would make drogon the largest of the three dragons so that he could kill it off theres obviously some higher use for him.) i know theres alot of maybes but just think about it

  10. Abhimanyu says:

    Amazing read! Obviously, from reading this article, I am sure you are wise enough not to mind the inconsequential hatred some comment(s) above are throwing at you.

  11. Tyrion Lovejoy says:

    Thats an interesting Theoryand a nice read… I like it because it eventually gives significance to some sideplots (Patchface!) that seemed always very interesting to me but have not been revealing much so far. I also did not know the “Ice Dragon” Story for Kids. The notion of duality seems important to me. I could well imagine that the Dragons can not be without the Others and vice versa, that both principles (Ice and Fire) need to be “balanced”. So the Idea one of the two, Jon and Dany, being the “good” seems a bit strange to me…However, Life and death are still two sides of the same principle. So even the Champion for Death must not be neccessarily be “bad”.

  12. I don’t get why people are bashing this. Theories are, inherently, full of speculation and opinion. As theories go, this is highly entertaining and very thoughtful. I loved giving it a go and it made me think, and that is the best thing about theories…they make you THINK. Well done!

    • mognetic says:

      Well, people are people. They like to sit behind the safety of their computer screens and fake names trashing other people’s thoughts. Theory is a theory. It is not a fact and it is not meant as fact especially when it comes to Game of Thrones. It is meant as fun. Some people fail to understand the concept of it. That is all.

  13. JB says:

    Amazing theory !!!!! God damn I must have read it 5 times already!!
    BUTTTTTT I have one problem with this, if the White Walkers are good like you say and are going to help bring balance, Why did they take all of Craster’s sons as sacrifices?
    Whats your opinion about that?

    • mognetic says:

      The thing is we don’t know what they are doing with the “sons”. Gilly said in one moment that they are coming, the sons…so it is possible that they are not being killed and turned into Wights because they are just babies and it would be both weird and useless if the WW would have an army of dead infants?! Right? So, the only thing I can think of is that they are, somehow, turning them into White Walkers for the purpose of an army if that makes any sense. Another thing I keep thinking about is the Stark relation with the CoTF and WW… I have a strange feeling about that one. Benjen is missing and I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up as WW at some point (not the Coldhands because that makes no sense), then there is the Night King (also a Stark and possibly Coldhands) who fell in love with the WW female. Then there is Craster (probably a Stark) who is giving his sons to the WW. Starks are descendants of First Men, Starks “fought” the WW, side by side with the champion of R’hllor yet they pray to the Old Gods, just like CoTF and Wildlings?! Starks built the Wall, Winterfell and Storm’s End. CoTF “fought” the WW together with Starks, only so they would retreat into the WW territory soon after. Makes little to no sense. What if they made a pact? A pact that has been forgotten over the years or was not said out loud? I am just throwing this out there now…but there is a reason why we know so little about them…also, I think that Winterfell is, in a way, defending itself from Boltons and Stannis. It seems to me that the Winter is literally coming out of the castle because Jon mentions that the area between the Wall and Winterfell has little or no snow. It is curious. I think Starks are in some way related or connected to the WW…and there is a reason why they woke up now and not before. Starks are almost extinct…What do you think?

      • JB says:

        Awesome ! Hmmmm I think Benjen is definitly a white walker it would be great to see this all play out tho!! Do you have any other theories posted online that are a song of ice and fire related??? This one was awesome I would love to read more !!

      • SVM says:

        Wow, congrats on this. Í really like the way you´re thinking. It makes a lot of sense.

      • Weave77 says:

        Well, with the revelation via the show that Craster’s sons are indeed being turned into Others, your predictions are seeming to be pretty clairvoyant.

      • Kay says:

        LOL..Just saying, after this most previous episode.. Your theory was proven correct!

        I’ve believed Jon Snow was a Targaryen probably starting from book 2. I feel like it was definitely hinted when Ned recalled a bed of blood and his promise. Throughout the whole series, we’ve been told how honorable Ned is, and I really just don’t think he’d ever have a bastard.

    • Jon Snow says:

      the white walkers turned the babies into white walkers.

    • mognetic says: asked me if I have another theory. I recently published this one:

      Hope you enjoy it.

  14. catze says:

    I like your theory. matches nicely.
    I always found it unsatisfying picturing Daenerys queen of the seven kingdoms (maybe only the Stormlands, that would’ve been okay) because I don’t think she’s “queen material”. too much of this “must conquer” attitude. too much just falling into her lap (and why would anyone want her as her queen? it’s been made clear that the kingdoms want to rule themselves). what’s the point writing 7 books to finally put her butt on the throne? together wit Jon, happily ever after. it’s not Disney after all.
    I want the end to be something like your theory, because there hasn’t been enough information about the white walkers. not enough “trying to understand” or “reaching out”. and there’s soo much mystery, so much magic people in Westeros have forgotten and/or fail to understand!

  15. Seena says:

    Cool theory, it did give me a lot to think about and also raised some questions for me, and i must admit it made me outraged at time. But i guess all good theories should be that way. ^_^.
    The first thing that i wanted to say was that at least to me personally it makes more sense that the “Ice Dragon” is Jon Snow , and not some mythological creature that is going to rise from the Wall. He’s a Targaryan- “Dragon” but he also has Stark blood hence the Ice. So it’s just a way of hinting towards him without being too obvious.
    Or the Ice could simply refer to the fact that he will be reborn from ” the Ice” ,the Wall. So he’s a dragon born from ice and not fire. Also that would make him the 3rd dragon as per the prophecy from THOTU.
    And i find it unlikely that he will command an army of WWs… (As epic as that sounds <3). The WW are creatures that obviously have a connection with the Stark family but i don't think they posses the ability to command them. And to what purpose ?! If the WW win everything will be frozen and Winter will last forever and nothing will live. Even if it will make room for the "new world order" as you put it.
    And the symbolism behind the "Song of Ice and Fire" is the ballte between Dragons and WW, or so i saw it, as dull as that sounds,
    Anyway, thanks for the brain teaser,

    • mognetic says:

      Yes. I agree. I was thinking about that…a lot. But I had to make up my mind. So I chose the animal. :)
      But yes, I agree Jon could be the ice dragon. It makes a lot of sense. The only problem I have is that from all the prophecies “three-headed dragon” is my least favorite. I just don’t want it to end with Jon, Dany and Aegon (or Tyrion) be the literal three heads for three dragons if you know what I mean. Also, I don’t see any good in dragons or Daenerys or Targaryens in general. But I do see the potential in WW. Why? Because we know enough about the Targs and we don’t know enough about WW and because I am more inclined to North and snow than I am to Essos and fire.

      • John says:

        Hey why did you not approve my comment? Just not yet, or just not at all? Some feedback on this would be lovely, Thanks bud.

      • Jimmy says:

        I don’t remember the book, but in one of Bran’s chapters when he is in the crypts of Winterfell as it is razed, the book makes mention of a possible ice dragon that was hiding under the crypts of Winterfell. The chapter starts from the perspective of Summer, with Bran warged into him, and he sees a flying winged snake breathing fire (or something to that effect) and later, Osha says something to the effect of, “We made enough noise to wake a dragon” which could be some dark irony. Also, the large crash and everyone was dead and they just walked out of Winterfell could imply that Theon’s men weren’t slaughtered by the Bolton’s, but killed by the ice dragon that lived under Winterfell.

      • Steve says:

        Isn’t Daenerys trying to abolish the slave trade a sign that she’s good? Do you think her brother would have been bothered or even considered to do this? I think there are numerous things Daenarys has done so far which make her out to be a good person.

        Not sure why you would think the creatures who bring corpses back to life so they can kill people could be more good than Daenarys. Poor Dany after all she has done. There’s just no pleasing some people. ;o)

    • John says:


      1. Explain the talks of something coming out of the ice in the wall and the horn awakening giants. Go back and read what he wrote again. You must have skimmed through it, because it makes a lot of sense to me that a dragon could emerge from the wall.

      2. Why the child’s story about the ice dragon? Must be in there for some reason, and the girl in the story sounds similar to Jon, waking up cold. If Jon wakes up from death all cold, a dragon will be awoken along with him. I am sold on that idea.

      3. Also Dany’s dragons would roast the WWs easily so that wouldn’t be a fair fight. The WW would need something even more powerful than they are to challenge Dany’s dragons and make the battle last longer than 5 minutes. Otherwise, those WWs BETTER be able to live underwater, because that’s the only way they will be able to survive, and maybe the could sneak out and do some kind of guerilla warfare. Maybe they will do that AND have their own ice dragon, and that’s how they could win.

      4. Also, Dany is often referred to as a “dragon”, but she’s really just a human. What makes her a “dragon” is that she can birth and control real dragons, so what would be the point of Jon being a figurative “dragon” if he doesn’t have one of his own to give birth to and control also? To me, it would seem strange if he didn’t.

      5. Whether Jon will actually command WWs, that could be weird, but it could be possible. It’s plausible anyway, since we actually don’t know much about them yet.

      6. You said “If the WW win everything will be frozen and Winter will last forever and nothing will live.” He makes a great point when he brings up what Dany sees when she is walking through the frozen throne room. It was empty and everyone was probably dead. If that’s actually what’s going to happen in the future, and it’s something that she might possible see herself before she dies or something like that, then the theory that the WWs and ice will win the war sounds very convincing. May not be the happy ending you’re looking for, but as one guy pointed out, this isn’t Disney. But maybe the WWs and the humans will reach a truce.

      As for people arguing about which side is good or evil, remember that in the world of ASOIAF the seasons are long. There was a long reign of fire with dragons, and they died out and now the others are returning along with winter. Power shifts back and forth between the two. Power shifts back and forth between the God of Light and the God of Darkness but maybe neither one is real all good or all evil. Maybe they are more similar than different actually. In our world, we think of Gods in terms of good or evil, but their world seems to have two Gods, and perhaps one of those Gods loses power as the other gains power temporarily as the seasons change, for no other reason but the season changing. Think about this: Maybe the dragons died out mainly because the season was changing. Their time was simply up, but they will be back again someday in great numbers. For humans in that world, their time might be up now, and some will survive, perhaps living near the remains of the Great Doom, or other places where WWs fear to tread. Like I said, maybe the WWs and the humans will reach a truce.

  16. Jon says:

    My only question is this: Why is Jon Snow fighting Daenerys in the first place? I mean, isn’t the Night’s Watch supposed to stay out of Westerosi Conflicts and Affairs? What would spark him to lead an army against Daenerys, who is, whether to his knowledge or not, his sister? Also, how would the White Walkers bring balance to Westeros? Are you saying that the humans will be exterminated by them, and Westeros will be a continent of White Walkers, or that the White Walkers will somehow live in peace with the humans? I would really appreciate your feedback, because I’m trying to form my own theory. Thank you.

    • Clare says:

      If Jon somehow survives his stabbing he will no longer be Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, therefore free from his Oath. Jon would be Dany’s nephew if he is indeed Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son, Dany being Rhaegars sister.

  17. Mab says:

    Very interesting theory, but, but GRRM said that Azor Ahai and The Prince That Was Promised are the same person! We can’t forget about Jon’s dream, In ADWD, he dreamed himself fighting against WW with a Fire Sword!

    • mognetic says:

      I watched that interview too. However, in it he also “confirmed” Stannis is AA/TPTWP. Either way, I think that we will have two heroes, regardless of the prophecies and naming…I believe Jon will unite the forces of the North…this is what I believe. And the only reason I wrote this theory is to discuss the nature of WW. I tend to believe they are not as bad as we are lead to believe. But, you know how it goes…There are many options, so until we get the next books, we can hypothesis and have fun. :)

      • Velerion says:

        Hi there. I must admit I read a good deal of theories on ASOIAF, but none except for L+R=J made me as excited as the image of Jon ending up against Daenerys. The thought about White Walkers emerging from the sea all over the continent is a close second.

        You have a very imaginative mind, also quite rebellious, to even think of something so game-changing.

        My main problem with the theory that White Walkers are ‘good’ is that there are legends claiming they slaughtered people left and right during the Long Night. Also, this would mean the Children of the Forest are bad, which is much harder to believe knowing their history. Of course we could ignore the legends which might be all rubbish for all we know, but I’m still more eager to believe in the pacifists who live as one with nature rather than undead beings from the coldest region of the world.

        Also, basing on the recent events alone, we know that the White Walkers are aggressive beings who slaughter people beyond the wall. How is that better than what Melisandre does? Why would Jon ever willingly want to lead them? They might be beautiful and intelligent creatures, but that still doesn’t change the fact that they’re murdering human kin, probably with something like ‘world unition’ in mind, but more Hitler less Azor Ahai. Finally, there’s Bran chapter where he dreams what’s deep in the land of always winter and whatever he saw made him cry in terror. So I’m assuming he saw something pretty traumatic and it wasn’t a giant icy teddybear.

        So as much as I’d like to think of a reason why Jon and Daenerys would clash, at the moment I can’t figure anything. But I so want that to happen now. Make that happen. Or I drink the milkshake.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for this! Very interesting and intriguing stuff, very well written, really gotten my brain moving. The fact that you were really thinking and the depth of it is clear. I especially appreciate all the historical references. I’ve had many of these thoughts myself, fleeting and ephemeral though they were, quite like grasping smoke. Always felt Ned was not Jon’s father, wondered about Robert, though. I think Coldhands is Benjen. I think the intro chapter in ADWD is linked to what may happen with Jon in the next book.

    I love to share stuff like this, posting on fb and such if you don’t mind. Also came across this, want to share with you:

    Apparently there will be a part 2 to that article — hopefully soon! Anyway, truly, thanks!

  19. Bill says:

    This theory is amazing! I have one question though. If John Snow won a war against Dany, wouldn’t that make an imbalance between Ice and Fire? Would it not be better if Dany and John Snow ruled together, ultimately creating a significantly better balance? It seems like John and Dany fighting is a little far fetched since they are both Dragons. Wouldn’t they come to an agreement before fighting, and killing off so many people?

    • John says:

      There are greater forces at work behind both of them. They probably don’t have as much control over their destinies as one might believe. Remember that in the world of ASOIAF the seasons are long. There was a long reign of fire with dragons, and they died out and now The Others are returning along with winter. Power shifts back and forth between the two depending on the season. There is a God of Light/Fire and an opposing God of Darkness/Ice behind everything, and I don’t think they get along too well. War is immanent.

  20. isaidgooddaysir says:

    I just posted this theory/article on GRRM’s blog, and they deleted it few hours after posting.So we can assume some of these theories might be viable. BullzEye :P

  21. Matt says:

    I hope GRRM is as crazy as you are, because this theory is so unbelievably good :D

  22. Marik, the true says:

    House Targaryen in the past has had not only more dragons than Dany, but the house also had dragons longer as well. Let’s not forget the history of the Valyrian Freehold when dragons were all over Essos. Why are Dany’s 3 dragons being compared to White Walker opposites? Dragons are mythical beasts used as weapons. White Walkers are an intelligent species. Sorry, but I can’t sub to this theory. Nothing in Dany POVs, her House of the Undying visions, or even Brans weirwood visions strongly support it.

  23. Marik, the true says:

    My basic theory is that just because the White Walkers aren’t evil doesn’t mean the readers should jump to cheer for them. (even if Jon Snow or Bran Stark leads them) The reasons why they’ll kill humans doesn’t matter unless there is a possible peace. However, if the Others position is similar to the Morlocks in Time Machine, then there is a problem.

  24. David Duffield says:

    Nice pull of ideas, but just strikes me as another desperate attempt to make Dany the villain, which she has never been. And when people say you are ignoring rules of fiction they mean that you cannot introduce 3 dragons from book 1 of 7, then at the last minute introduce 3 more ice dragons and then say “oh the three you were following this whole time were the bad ones”. For the same reason Aegon is definitely definitely definitely a false Targaryen.

    • mognetic says:

      Desperate attempt to make Dany the villain? This is not what I am doing. She is the prominent member of House Targaryen, the house GRRM made villains..the white power conquerers who “take what is theirs with fire and blood”. This is wrong on so many levels. But it is a topic I discussed in great length. If you read ASOIAF and if you read other GRRM’s work (related to ASOIAF) you would know that the dragons are not exactly the good guys. Also I never mentioned three dragons. I mentioned one, Ice Dragon, and I merely discussed the other “potential” dragons…something GRRM brought to the story, not me. Originally there were five. Dany has three so where are the other two?

      • lanni says:

        Yup, however the idea of making house Targaryen black? Someone posted that
        G.M said this. Going to have to check it that is true. If it was and he said that would have been more interesting once would have to assume G.M is not going to make them out to be all bad. If he said this it says lots.

    • gotfangrl says:

      If Aegon is a false Tygareon who will ride the third dragon? There are three dragons…a white one (HELLO John Snow), a black one (Thats Daneries’s dragon) and a green one (maybe Bran cause he’s a Green seer? But I was thinking Aegon was real cause he would be the third rider). Idk just my take on it. Never considered Aegon might be a fraud. Hmmm.

    • BNL says:

      The thing is, one could say there is allot of allusion to the possibilty that Danny could loose it. Targs have repeated references to their mental instability. Targs (aka Dany) are repeadtly suspect in my opinion to be the end all saviors of humanity– if that is the direction GRRM goes. Also keep in mind even –although Dany is a thousand miles away, which is a great excuse, she, however, is still playing the game of thrones– jon snow and only a handful of others realize much more is at stake. I think there is an obvious theme present here, i.e. most people are so caught up with their own pursuit of power they can’t see or even attempt to understand the bigger picture. I think GRRM will use this more, as it makes for good story telling– like the Boltons still poltical- gamming the game of thrones while WWs, etc. Are rolling over their kingdom. It will be interesting to see, How Danny will react to the bigger picture when either she is faced with strong second hand knowledge or is first hand eye witness of the coming destruction. Given her ‘just nature’ and desire for ‘fairness’ with honor– I think we think she will respond rightly, or appropriately. However, that may not be the case. So, I think we need to take the emotion of wanting to see Danny succeed when thinking about this stuff. I think for GRRM Danny is a huge curveball and will go the way of allot of the characters in the series– frustratingly killed in an ironic twist of virtue action. We know GRRM is a fan of the concept that when romantic love becomes a priority, bad things happen ultimately. I think Danny is too screwed up/ stuck on Drogo/ bitter about her bother bring a jerk to her– and that’s gonna ruin her. One could say the same for Jon Snow, but on some level he never really sells out for Romantic love. In any case Blood Raven is tracking those fire dragons, and must know they are integral in the end game– how? I’m sure he knows…

  25. Colin says:

    I haven’t read any other comments but this seems to ignore the rules of magic insofar as they have been expressed in the series. If the wall worked for the others how is it that men can cross it but wights cannot. Wights have to be brought through. If John is dead then he is in Ghost as he and Ghost are one. The Warg doesn’t die he just becomes the animal instead of being a duality. That’s why they call it 2nd life. If John is not dead it seems very unlikely that the others would ally with humans as they have been hellbent on wiping out all who do not sacrifice to them. Otherwise why didn’t they conquer or ally with the wildings and use them as part of their army. Will they only work with a Stark? Maybe but all the Stark chapters have been filled with stories that suggest the Starks view the others as enemies of humanity. Bloodraven is clearly opposed to the others otherwise why would they have used their wights to attempt to stop Bran from reaching their cave. Coldhands does seem to be a wight and did aid Bran but he would seem to be an exception. Perhaps Bloodraven can wrest wights from the others control. Because wights good or bad can’t cross the magical protection in the Children of the Forest’s cave. Bloodraven seems to be working from a pro human anti ice apocolypse platform. Also keep in mind he has both Targ blood and First Men blood (blackwood). The scenario of John Snow vs Dany in the final battle seems like a case of wishful thinking. And the theory also ignores Tyrion (who I believe to be targ also: Aries wanted to bang his mom, he has the mismatched eyes of Shiera Sea star, doesn’t catch grey scale from plague river, dreams of dragons etc). Is something up with patch face? Almost certainly. Is there an underwater conspiracy? It’s more likely the others are simply animating dead sea creatures. Is there an ice dragon? Maybe. But since the magic of the wall seems to be in aid of humanity it is more likely the dragon is imprisoned in the wall if in fact it exists. So, I politely inform you your theory is not that well thought out.

    • Ella says:

      As far as i know, wargs live on in their animal 1. If they are controlling them when they die or 2. If they are unable to live in their human body. Now, assuming that he dies, he may well become a White Walker, therefore his human body is habitable; his body is undead.
      You’ve also contradicted yourself; you say Bloodraven is opposed to white walkers and yet Coldhands is a wight. As we know little to nothing about the White Walkers, they may have sent Coldhands to Bran.
      Lastly, the wildlings have Stark blood. They’re all from the North, and all have the blood of the first men. Maybe the first men were descended from or learnt from Greenseers, Wargs and/or those with the Greensight, like Jojen.

      • mognetic says:

        If the human body of the Warg dies, he will continue living in his animal for a certain period of time, until his spirit/soul or whatever inhabited the animal slowly dies out within the animal. This is a fact. So, when Jon Snow enters Ghost, and he will for a certain period of time, he can’t stay within his animal…because that would mean he will completely die out. He needs to find a way to enter a human form again, his or someone else’s body. As undead Jon SNow or as WW Jon SNow or simply as Jon Snow (Just like Dany entered fire and came out alive, since it was a one time magical thing, so why wouldn’t Jon’s development be the same, a magical one time thing in which his body is not infected, after all he is the representation of ice, in my eyes).
        Coldhands is a separate entity. He is a Wight (probably…I say probably because we haven’t seen his face) but he also fought Wights to defend Bran. He also brought him to Bloodraven, who is inhabiting a cave, a magical cave Wights can’t enter. For a reason. Bloodraven is also a Blackfyre, which means he is also a Targ. He is a sorcerer. And former LC of the Night’s Watch. But he is also a follower of the Old Gods, because how else would he become a Weirwood Tree? since that is like the highest honor for the First Men and all the followers of Old Gods. So Bloodraven is a walking contradiction, we only know bits and pieces about. And no, Wildlings don’t have Stark blood. They have the blood of the First Men. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have Stark blood, but it does mean they are from the same nation…but not necessarily from the same tribe/clan. Thenns are First Men too. Alas, they are not Starks. And yes, I believe that all First Men, people tied to the Old Gods and Weirwood trees have the ability or in their genes to warg, green see etc. SIxskins and Orell are proof of that. But Bloodraven is neither a Stark, nor a First Man, nor a follower of the Old Gods. He is a Blackfyre Targ…who somehow during his Night’s Watch experience must’ve converted. Something happened there and we will soon find out what.

    • BNL says:

      I think the theory is well thought, wheter you agree with it or not. That being said, you raised some good points– any further thoughts on how things might play out? Do Dany and Jon team up? Maybe Jon becomes a reanimated night king with his dead hook up wildling and fights Dany, but on the side of the dark/ destruction?

  26. Missy k says:

    I think this has a lot of thought put it into it, this is similar to one of the many ways I have thought about the story going. Also noticed someone who commented said dani would be john’s sister if this theory plays out however, that info would be inaccurate as she would actually be is aunt if this scenario is correct. In season one I thought they would eventually be together because she is the fire and he is ice ,only meaning he comes from house stark and she from house targaryen. I def think a lot of this theory could be right and I appreciate the thought you put in it!!

  27. gotfangrl says:

    I really love this whole theory! Great idea for the actual ending. I don’t see it happening only because its way too much subject matter for only two more books. Especially the way GRRM writes. Plus, why would the walking dead represent life? Why?? I don’t get that. If you could explain that I would go with this theory as a possible ending. Love the ice dragon in the wall idea. I think a lot of what you said could actually be true. U should write a book, u got great ideas!

    • gotfangrl says:

      Correction: I should have said HOW can the walking dead represent life? Aren’t they killing life? I don’t see honorable John Snow demolishing all living humans. Why?

  28. Grey Worm says:

    I want to start this off by saying I am in no way “bashing” your theory, I just want to try to spark some debate. Also i hate the theory of Jon teaming up with the Others bc I need someone to hate in this book other than Ramsy. A couple things need to be pointed out/ answered before this theory is plausible in my opinion.

    The comment above stating that the cold kept Master Aemond alive is clearly a metaphor that has nothing to do with the literally definition of cold keeping him alive. How do we know the WW have memories. Yes, JS wanted to see if they did but we never found out anything about them (which if I am correct is why this theory was posted, bc we know nothing about the WW). Also, their motive to assassinate Mormont could easily have been a result of Other sorcery/ magic. Furthermore Lady Stoneheart cannot talk bc her vocal chords were cut, so that is a poor comparison. Do we know for a fact that they can reproduce? The Nights King banged the other but did they make a child?

    Okay so here I go. A lot of the foreshadowing that goes on in this series comes from past events. If the Starks are related to the Others how did that history get lost from their records? Thats not something you just forget to tell your kids and grandkids. Instead the Others are portrayed as evil to the Starks. Second, why would the CoTF team up with the Starks to defeat the Others, only to take their side 8000 years later. Also, if this is just one big cycle of Fire vs Ice, why did it take 8000 years for the Others to reemerge? Why would the WW attack bran if he needed to be alive for Bloodravens plot, further why would they attack Jon if he was needed for a similar reason. If he was killed in that incident then he would have been turned and his whole rebirth and dragon wakening process wouldve been inexistent. If a dragon lives beneath the wall why the hell does it need to be hundreds of miles long. Also you are introducing new dragons into the picture, three for dany, one for bloodraven and one at the bottom of the sea, a dragon in the wall makes six which is one to many. Cold brings death to everything around, even in the most extreme heats on Earth things live, grow and die. Aint nothing in antarctica except a couple penguins that migrate down. Why would the others be killing all these wildlings and rangers if they were just trying to restore balance? genocide doesnt create much balance.

    The dragon has three heads, dany, jon and tyrion. Aegon is a fake.

    • Yasmin Sewak says:

      @Grey Worm, White walkers never attacked Jon, wights did though, when he was trying to defend Mormont. About the balance, they (both sides) are probably trying to gain power, not to make everything balanced, why: because every time one side gains power, the other tries to gain even more therefore making something kind of like a balance, even though that is not what either side is trying to achieve.

    • BNL says:

      Great points. Now I am not sure what to think. But, I also contend that in a theme of ice vs fire, there are numerous points to make about “earth” — children of forest, Reeds/ crannogmen, to include children of forest supposedly teaming up with ‘men’, the Starks also seem to be some combination of ice and earth. So confusing, lol…

  29. Grief&Noise says:

    mognetic, loved reading your ideas. i disagree with an interpretation of House Targaryen as Caucasoid conquistadors. According to GRRM, they’re a race apart. So, not caucasian, but Targaryen! Not that the white power interpretation is invalid, but I think it’s unintended by the author who admits it would’ve perhaps been more interesting to write House Targaryen as being black.

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  31. sentryfox says:

    Reading this theory sparked an idea. I don’t believe Jon will join the WW and fight Dany. His character is too honourable, much like his uncle Ned. I am certainly going for the fact the Wall might be a prison for an icedragon, mainly because how the hell did the wights get on the other side of the wall, attack Mormont if there were no WW to control them.

    Also think of Dany’s character. She was a slave who now frees slaves. She believes in justice. She is going to cross to westeros, but will loose the battle against the WW. Her dragons will die, and so will she, because GRRM wants us to feel her death. Jon will use her blood to forge lightbringer and defeat the WW. He will be able to withstand the cold, the WW and the icedragons as he is reborn in ice as Dany was reborn in fire.

    • sentryfox says:

      II forgot to add this. Jon needs the sword Dawn to forge lighbring which is currently in Starfall. And where has Jon sent Sam: to Oldtown; which is not far from Starfall. Sam is going to steal Dawn for Jon.

      • BNL says:

        I also think we havent seen the last of Dawn or some more reveal on the history of Starfall. There is more to Dawn likely, forged from the heart of a falling star…

    • pumpkin says:

      Good theory!!!! I think your right about Dany dying and Jon forging Lightbringer. But I don’t get why you assume a white walker had to be controlling the wight who got to the other side if the wall. Do we really know enough about wights to know they can’t think or act on a order or independently? Maybe we do and I missed that. Plus don’t forget that weight was a brother of the nights watch before he died so maybe he knew a way through the wall? Idk. Just a guess

      • Jon Snow says:

        we know the Night’s King is the king of the white walkers from the last GoT episode. Remember he was a human at one time, a night’s watch commander until he fell in love with a female WW. Did she seduce him? or did she reveal the true nature of the White Walkers to him and he sided with them on his own accord? I believe the White Walkers are “nature’s WMD’s”, the children of the forest were mostly killed off, men chopped down weirwood trees ect…The wall might have been put up to protect what remained of the magical creatures such as the children of the forest. The White Walkers might be the “guardians of nature”, they do evil things sure but its a result of human interference. I could see Bran speaking to the Night’s King and he tells him all this.

    • husna says:

      Perhaps GRRM is trying to show us how an initially good character can slowly turn evil after several turns of event
      By AFFC and ADWD Danaerys has already change so much, how flawed and corrupted, n how much she has failed the people she was meant to rule .. she was never my fav in the books, even less so in the HBO series as they depicted her as some sort of devine Goddess who could do no wrong up to the point it was almost nauseating
      But I agree with you danaerys is initially good and naive
      Perhaps GRRM is trying to show us how the road to hell is paved with good intention kind of stuff
      Hurm i guess we’ll just have to wait to find out for sure 😊😊😊

    • BNL says:

      I like this theory too. Certainly it implies a cyclical history, which doesn’t fully fit with some things– like what’s up with the Children of the Forest. Anyway, so this means ice dragons = bad and wall might be some sort of prison for them? I thinks it’s plausible because the WWs, I have a hard time believing that they are this represenative of life. Not that they are necessarily “bad” or pure evil, rather just at odds with humanity. If we add up the mytical creatures– aka none humans, however, something still seems unbalanced. Children of Forest, WWs, Dragons, Giants– I guess their really not mytical?; But even minus the giants, it seems something still doesn’t add up if we assume the above classes are correct. Earth, Ice, Fire? With Targs representing an equivalent magic– ability to control dragons. But then, the Starks and Reeds unbalance the equation. Again, maybe all 3 magical forces must be neutralized to save humanity; not that I am a huge fan of humans, but I think the implication is that if these magical forces aren’t squelched, it means unpredictable destruction for all life at this phase of time in this particular world (aka the world may end in fire or ice). Wights, Ice Dragons = WWs, Starks; Children of Forest, Skin Changers, etc. Starks, Reeds; Targs, Fire, Fire Dragons… Jon Snow does appear to represent some combination of all three. But then what? If Jon Snow wins or whatever you want to call it, does it imply that the cycle of the history is just repeating?

      • BNL says:

        Quick correction and addition to my immediate post above. I left the word Earth out of the — Children of the Forest /Crannogmen/ Stark connection. Also, again, was just thinking I wonder if this all has something to do with the timeline/ timing needing to be right. Meaning if we assume the wall is in part a prison for ice dragons– then why were they imprioned and not defeated persumably because there were no fire dragons when ‘light bringer’ was being used?– again, if we assume the 8000 / 10000 plus mytical timeline has some accuracy; and that whatever lightbringer was, it wasnt a dragon. This could imply that a showdown should have happened sooner with the Targs arriving on Westeros, but didn’t… possibly forstalled by the Starks leading the way by taking a knee to them? Also, point is the timing for some sort cyclical repeating history is not entirely clear, because one remaining Valyrian family and 3 dragons would be of similar circumstances to the current situation, but as far as we can tell 300 to 500 years ago up until when the last round of healthy dragins existed, there was no ‘WW’ up rising… So, something is up with the timing. Either the existance of jon snow plus last ‘green seer’ plus world instabilty (mainly Westeros– but other parts of the world seem pretty shitty currently) must be triggering it, or when the first 3 fire dragons arrived in Westeros the End Game was either blatantly or accidently forstalled.

  32. […] Game of Thrones: Jon Snow will lead the army of White Walkers against Daenerys Targaryen and her Dra…. […]

  33. monalisa says:

    Wow, very interesting theories. I love where we are going and think something here will be the ultimate resolution. So, now we have the reveal that the WW do in fact turn Craster’s babies into blue-eyed somethings. Do they grow up? Do they become COthF? Wights? White Walkers? It is true that what has bugged me all along is, that who is good and evil is blurred. Perhaps there is no answer to the good and evil part, it is a matter of perspective. Clearly, the whole theme offered for game of thrones is – ice and fire. That is key to the story, and I like the idea of Jon = ice, Dany = fire. BUT – What about the ever-repeated theme of – the dragon has 3 heads? That has been repeated too many times to ignore. What about Jon Connington and Aegon? There has to be something going on there. And the ironborn, with their religion – and the ever-repeated “what is dead may never die”. Has to be a tie in with that, perhaps, water, ice, fire – a trinity. I agree, the wall is alive, probably an ice dragon. But what of the drowned god, Pyke, and that whole storyline – must mean something.

  34. Rtj31 says:

    Excellent theory. ive always wondered if there were more creatures unknown like krakens and ice dragons.but I’m pretty sure “wooden face and “a thousand eyes and one” are supposed to be taken together my separate. Wooden face and a thousand eyes is just bloodraven. Whereas a boy with the wolfs head is bran. Nothing concerning Jon snow.

  35. Joetucson says:

    Rereading book 4. Maester Aemon has the revelation that fire devours and ice preserves.

  36. Airy says:

    God, this theory depressed me so much. I hate the idea of Dany being defeated by Jon in the end. I love her character. She has overcome so much and she’s one of the few female characters in the story that are thriving on their own despite their gender. I hate to think that she will go out this way. :\ I would much rather see Jon and Dany work together (without winding up in love!) to combat everything in the end. Frustrated. This theory is so well put together that I can’t see it not being pretty accurate.

    • pumpkin says:

      Not going to happen. GRRM did not spend five books taking Dany from a meak scared little girl to a strong- willed ruler just to turn her into a evil force. Yeah fire causes destruction and death but the others have killed many also so I’m not basing good and evil on who causes pain/death. Dany will work with Jon in the end to send the others back to the Lands of always winter where they belong. Dany will prob die in the process.
      If your theory is true (which who knows, maybe it is) then who are the three heads of the dragon?? It seems like that was just brushed over. No?

  37. I love this, I started with the show and ever since the revelation that the WW can be killed with dragon glass and fire because it instantly cut them as this massive threat if it’s an army of WW and undead alone. Plus the LoL never quite sits right, it’s supposed to be a force of good yet the fire is all destruction and sacrifice. The show is now seemingly making a lot of this seem more true, from the WW turning the babies into others, not killing them, the (possible spoiler alert) “typo” stating that the WW turning the babies was the Night King, the way they make the WW look as though they’re moving through water could be a hint that the Great Other and The Drowned God are one in the same. The wall holding the WW back was strange to me as well, they are shown to be more then capable of crossing it, and being much stronger and faster then the humans who have crossed over it. Everything seems to be pointing at the LoL not being the force of good and light and the Other and the WW not being evil, like there’s this undertone of things not being exactly what the claim to be. I hope it is something similar to this, I love when the “good” thing is actually the opposite manipulating behind the scenes. And at least in the show (not that far in the books) they could be hinting at it with Dany, she fights for good yet her dragons are becoming vicious and out of control and her methods of “justice” are becoming unnecessarily brutal and destructive and not bringing the desired goal while the WW are gaining a different light in a way, by showing them not killing but transforming the “sacrifices” plus Melisandre causing SO much death in the name of what is supposed to bring life. Ironic that pure destruction comes from the fire not the ice according to her. Great theory, and proving to be shockingly accurate in light of the new string of events.

  38. KingSlayer says:

    Just read that article. Damn good read. Read every comment too. I like how epic it is. Def not full proof, but very well thought out.

  39. Nick says:

    Loved this and so glad I stumbled upon on it!

  40. husna says:

    Nice theory !!!
    I’ve always fancied the theory of it will be Jon vs Dany in the end instead of Jon n Dany together forever theory
    Absolutely well put 😊😊
    So many things i havent consider
    Yours are by far my favourite at the moment

  41. BNL says:

    I think the theory is dead on right with couple exceptions or rather, additional thoughts… Good job– personally I have been looking for something this nice tying allot of stuff/ unanswered questions together. However, I wonder, more thinking in terms of themes, if we move beyond “Death vs. Life”– or even possibly think of it as something cyclical with some sort of alternating role(s)– maybe the point isn’t so much Daenerys fire Dragons = Bad/destruction vs. Jon Snow ice Dragons = Good/creation; well maybe that’s a part of it, but my point is that the overall “theme” might be along the lines that this “final” battle must occur to let “humanity” come into their own; and let world move into more stable phase (i.e. where mytical/magical forces need to first neutralize because there existance impedes positive change/ intended evolution). What makes it different is that, as the above theory mentions, Jon Snow represents a kind of flexible/neutral power who happens to be representing the side of life this time around allowing the “planets” to align and this battle to end all battles occur. This sort of “theme” wouldn’t be entirety obscure for GRRM to incorporate on some level — as it partially parallels the Merlin/ Knights of the Round Table mythology– that through the use of magic, magic is stabilized, allowing humanity to move forward to its next destiny. This concept also follows some of the Game of Thrones/ Fire and Ice book(s)’ themes and their peculiar relationship or take on magic– the irony being, one can’t fear magic, or try to destroy it artifically, or ignore it– but they have to recognize the truth and allow these forces to run their course naturally, because if not or if these forces are out right defied, they will enveitably destroy you/ humanity. I think the deep core of the Maesters understood this, but their methods have clearly been flawed and have not succeeded. Even with the above beautifully articulated theory about the ending, I am still curious about some unresolved concepts: 1) Is the 10,000 year timeline still suspect?, 2) What about the Faceless Men and their potential role in the ending/ end game?, 3) How can we explain the previous battle aka “the long night”, “light bringer”, “the ice dragon”, etc., e.g. the past stories– meaning: is it an endless cycle and history is simply repeating (which could mean that Fire reigns/ wins and magic can’t be eliminated), or did something happen to imply the unresolved aspects of the mythology, which the Starks, or whomever knew during the past time, and thus had to secretly make a pact to set up the conditions to allow humanity to be naturally saved?, 4) Does House Reed/ Howland/ Crannogmen play a more major role in any of this at the end? Two other thoughts– less concerned with Doom of Valaryrie being revealed as a major mystery– as either it was planned — because the slaves were upset, etc. or it represents over use of magic/ Atlantis mythology or both. And, referencing some of my above thoughts– The Children of the Forest repeatedly make references, for better or worse, that their ‘time’ has passed and its humanity’s turn… But, clearly there are still a few ‘Children’ hanging out and facilitating something, which, as implied probably relates to assuring “life prevails” in this world, so they [the Children] can move on and fully pass the reigns to humanity.

  42. pumpkin says:

    So Dany is evil. What proof of that is there? I have not seen one evil thing about her. I think this theory is intelligent and well thought out and for the most part be true. However, what evidence do we have of Dany being doom or evil?

  43. Manohar Siriki says:

    I AM DUMBSTRUCK!! TONGUE TIED , for the first time in my life.
    OH Monika and Bruno, you guys.. are amazing. This is by far the bestest plot that I have read till now..
    What an analogy. Truly, SALUT!!

  44. Dick Trickle says:

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  45. lanni says:

    What about Aegon? The baby that was not killed and grew up in a fishing village- Will he be left out? I doubt it.

    • mognetic says:

      Sure. Aegon will take part. I think he will sit the Throne briefly but I doubt he is real Targaryen. I have a feeling he is a Blackfyre but either way I don’t think he will last long… We shall see.

  46. Mapglove says:

    I’m a little late to the game here, but I had some thoughts to contribute that I hadn’t seen posted here that I just wanted to mention (apologies if they were already mentioned, there are lots of comments to sift through & I may have missed it):

    The White Walkers/Others are wargs (or skinchangers in the books) – this is how they are able to reanimate corpses, and why the wights eyes glow blue. The warging ability is heavily related to the First Men, and obviously, Starks. The narrative goes that the Nights King was a Stark & defeated by his own brother, who the current Starks are supposedly the descendants of. But in the books it is always mentioned that this happened so long ago, no one really knows if this exact narrative is truth or legend. So, having fallen for a White Walker woman, assuming he reproduced with her, wouldn’t it make more sense that the Starks were actually descendants of the Night’s King and his WW bride? And this is how they inherited this green-seeing ability? Not sure if that changes the game or anything, just something to consider as you are pondering the Starks relationship to the White Walkers.

    I also think the White Walkers are associated somehow with the CoTF. The children have been said (and confirmed, in the series) to have possessed powerful magic, and they are closely connected to land and to nature. If you think of WW’s as ice elementals and Dragons as fire elementals, is it reasonable to believe both could be unwitting servants of the CoTF? The narrative says that the children & the First Men fought off the WW’s together, but if that’s true why did the children disappear about the same time, it seems, as the WW’s did?

    Continuing on that point: the series is called a SONG of Ice & Fire. A song is not a conflict, a song is notes working in harmony. What if it’s not going to be fire vs. ice, but fire & ice vs. everyone else? What if the CoTF are using the White Walkers and Bran Stark’s ability to control dragons to take back the land that was taken from them so long ago? Especially since the country has been metaphorically raped by the ambitions of men? It reminds me of the Doom of Valyria – when the Valyrians dug too deep and unearthed dragons that would be their downfall. I believe this story is important because it is foreshadowing. We know GRRM was heavily influenced by Norse mythology and the Ragnarok, which tells of a great battle that ultimately ends with the old world in the sea and a new world beng reborn with only 2 inhabitants to start anew. Now, I don’t think GRRM is using that as an exact template for where the story is ultimately going, but I think it’s still significant.

    It’s like Jorah Mormont said (and I’m paraphrasing), the lords play their game of thrones and don’t really care about what is going on in the background. But ultimately that background is the end game of the story.

    How Dany & Jon figure into this, and the prophecies and all that – I don’t know. Just wanted to throw some thoughts out there.

    Finally – I’m still trying to figure out why all these Greyjoys kind of exploded out of Book 4. I feel like because something major involving the sea is going to come into play somehow (and maybe this is already super obvious to everyone but me, and I just think I’m super smart). Maybe it’s like you are saying that WW will come out of the sea, but that makes no sense to me. It makes more sense that the dragon egg that was thrown into the ocean hatched & gave birth to a scary leviathan-like creature. It is said that no one who sails the Summer Sea has ever returned alive. And to fulfill Quaithe’s prophecy that Dany must go East if she wants to go West suggest she should sail the Summer Sea vs. the Narrow Sea to Westeros. That is the extent of my analysis on that situation, though.

  47. Johnf535 says:

    I just like the helpful information you provide on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and test once more here frequently. I’m moderately certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next! ecedekdffedd

  48. Brendan says:

    If Jon snow is a true dragon why did his hand get burned when he killed a white walker at the wall

  49. […] Game of Thrones: Jon Snow will lead the army of White …2013. 7. 31. – The ice dragon defeats the fire dragons, but afterwards the ice dragon is …… In any case Blood Raven is tracking those fire dragons, and must know …. Also, their motive to assassinate Mormont could easily have been a result … […]

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