Lincoln is like King’s Speech. Nothing New.


Lincoln (2012), dir. Steven Spielberg, Academy Award nominee for Best Picture

How wonderful.

My intention was to write a full review of this film…..

And I’ve tried. Few times. But I’ve failed. Every single time.

I guess,  I am just not that into it. 

However, allow me to say three things:

01. Spielberg didn’t bring anything new.

And it’s been awhile. It is almost as if he, as filmmaker, has nothing more to say. The film is good, don’t get me wrong. It is correct. But also, it is something that we have seen so many times thus far. Furthermore, the story is already familiar so why does the way the story was told had to be familiar too? Therefor, nothing new.

02. Daniel Day Lewis is good. But isn’t he always?

On a side note, if we are to talk about this year’s Academy Award nominees, well, this time there is someone better than Daniel Day Lewis, if that’s even possible. His name is Freddie Quell and he is played by a Master on an equal footing. I guess it is just the matter of time before we see which one will get it. My heart is with Joaquin Phoenix but my money is on Lincoln although there is no one better than Daniel Painview.

03. Tommy Lee Jones for the Best Supporting Actor?

Why? I don’t mean to be disrespectful but Calvin Candie was an obvious choice……..However, not to everyone. Obviously.



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