[for] the Life of Pi


Life of Pi (2012), Ang Lee, Oscar Nominee for Best Picture

When I first saw this film few months back I was so excited about it. I almost fell in love. Colors! Tiger! Colors! Tiger! Oh, so many wonderful colors. And did I mention, a tiger! But since I know myself quite well, for I am a typical fan profile, I also knew this enthusiasm will wear of once I take my pink glasses down, that is, unless the film is really good, which unfortunately Life of Pi is not.
Sure, the effects are amongst the best I have seen so far and if it weren’t for those few tiger hairs that gave it away I could’ve sworn this is a live animal I am looking at. The CGI tiger felt real like the chair I was sitting in. But for the film itself, despite some lovely colors and images, it is rather a shallow and self-important story…Something I am not very fond of.
Originally, I was caught of guard by the ending, which I blame solely on me for not reading the book before going to the movies and this is where my enthusiasm had come from – from not knowing anything in advance. I expected the familiar story and I’ve got what I deserved for being so conceited.  Rancière came to my mind immediately and I thought to myself how fantastic it is to put his theories into practice like that. But now I feel like I’ve read too much into it and I gave too much credit to mister Lee, although he directed the film superbly. For the technical achievements this film deserves all the praise it can get but there is another side we must not overlook, this is a film. And since it is a film well, no.

text written: Monika Ponjavic


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