Game of Thrones: Yet Another


This week’s episode Walk of Punishment introduced yet another two characters (and there are more to come as we move forward). This time around it was the Tully’s turn: Catelyn’s brother Edmure Tully and her uncle Brynden “Blackfish” Tully (played masterfully by Clive Russell) who is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. If only he had more screen time. If only… And this is my main complaint in regards to the third season so far – emphasizing the wrong characters. For example we had yet another Catelyn Stark moment of grief, which, when compared to the last week’s story of Jon Snow, felt weaker by a mile.


By the same analogy, take Jaime Lannister, for instance. Jaime is, far and away, one of the best characters in the show or the books. However, the Kingslayer barely shows in the first season and spends the second tied up in chains or just dragged around. What a terrible waste of perfectly complex character. For the sake of the show’s future, and my own, I hope they give Nikolaj Coster Waldau some more screen time in the near future.

By comparison, although I am a HUGE Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) fan (I have to point this out) and although I really enjoyed Tyrion – Bronn – Pod deflowering – aftermath – scene I couldn’t help but think: “Here we go, yet another brothel scene. Oh joy.” It was funny, it was hilarious, sure…but this comic relief was just not enough and moreover, it felt like we are getting some extra Tyrion time just because it is Tyrion, especially when we already had a brilliant Tyrion “chair movement” scene and only a few moments earlier. Having the Queen Regent, Littlefinger, Master of Whispers, The Imp and the Hand of the King in the same room, at the same time, not talking and just moving the chairs around is comic enough, at least to me.  So, all in all, King’s Landing is getting a bit tired, despite the brilliance of the characters occupying it as we speak. Come on, give us the wedding! If you know what I mean.

Nothing new in the East either. Daenerys has sold Drogon, her biggest and strongest dragon she named after her late husband, for the 8000 of eunuch soldiers and a beautiful slave girl. Ser Jorah is jealous. Again. And Ser Barristan “THE BOLD” Selmy get’s bullied by yet another spoiled royal child. Again. This pretty much sums it up. Moving on.

The most intriguing story is the one I know nothing about, i.e. the Theon Greyjoy story. This particular story has diverged considerably from the book, which is not that surprising considering the challenging format of the TV series. And whilst I am familiar with the faith that awaits our beloved Theon I do not have a slightest idea how will we actually get there. Last week I mentioned the appearance of Ramsey Bolton when I took the liberty to assume that the mysterious guardian angel played by Iwan Rheon is none other but the Bolton bastard himself.  However, Iwan Rheon is listed as “Boy” on IMDB for the role he portrays in GoT. But, regardless the crediting as of this episode and at this very point in the story, I have no doubt the Boy is Ramsey Snow. The curious friendship is already formed and it is shaping up to be the most exciting story thread of the future. Oh, dear Theon, you’ve been a bad boy.


What else? The North. Anyone still remembers Jon Snow? I don’t. From where I stand it seems that poor Kit Harrington is destined to make cameo appearances this season and cameo appearances only. Not to mention – the much talked about King Beyond the Wall – Mance Rayder. I am not complaining but lets not forget that Jon is the most prominent POV character of the third book, yet he (and the story we are suppose to follow through him) had only 6 minutes of the screen time (if even that) in 159 minutes we have seen so far. Why? It is beyond me. I don’t know about you but I am left to wonder what is Jon Snow doing with the Wildlings, what is their agenda, are they really that much of a threat and overall what is the point of this story in the first place? And this is coming from the person who read the book!?

To my excitement they decided to finish this episode again with my beloved Brienne “The Maid” of Tarth and Jaime “The Kingslayer” Lannister. If you read my previous post you know that I am doing a countdown of top five Jaime/Brienne moments from the book. So far, in this particular case, they are not diverging from the book (a wise choice considering this story thread is by far the most interesting one and a true character development) and so far they have included the highlights of this bizarre friendship. The Escape.  The Loss. The Bath. The Bear. The Oath. In my attempt not to spoil anyone I rendered the second scene to The Loss. And what a loss it was! Jaime Lannister didn’t just lose his hand here; he lost his right hand, his sword hand, which, more or less, means he lost everything. Furthermore, Jaime Lannister is not just a knight – he is the knight of the Kingsguard. This by definition means that he will be the knight of Kingsguard for as long as he lives, meaning, he has no claim over Castle Rock, meaning, there is nothing left for him in this world. But what is more important in this particular constellation is not the loss of the sword hand but the loss of Jaime Lannister, the loss of Kingslayer the world used to know, the selfish, fearless, pompous bastard who had no compassion for others (or so we were led to believe), that is, not until he met a curious giant of a woman from the Sapphire Isle. Brienne of Tarth is a perfect plot device that brought Jaime’s true identity out on the surface, a device that showed us what is it that drives him to do the things he does or things he has done in the past. The story he told Vago Hoat/Locke was an elaborate lie, but an honest lie nonetheless. It is a lie told for the sake of “the unbesmirched honor”. So in a way, Jaime Lannister has lost his hand in the fight for preserving Brienne “the Maid” of Tarth’s virginity. It couldn’t get nobler than this.

And what an ending! Jaime’s scream overlapping with cut to black only to be cut off with the ending credits followed by the song The Bear and the Maiden Fair. Talk about yet another perfect foreshadowing. Good job HBO! Well played!

Overall, it was a good episode. We dodged the bullet on two rapes. Thank God! We attended one funeral. We learned that Edmure Tully does not have a good aim whereas Pod has an impeccable one. We also learned that Melissandre is on her way to sacrifice a Baratheon and that Robb turns into wolf when the moon is full. Or so it is what the Lannisters are lead to believe. We payed the visit to the North. A brief visit but an instructive one. Gilly had a boy. And who knew White Walkers had the (raging) artistic side to them?!  My love for North grows stronger by a minute.

P.S. Special thanks to my cousin, Aleksandra Radic-Dosen, an avid GoT book reader, who helped me clarify certain relations in the House Tully


text written by: Monika Ponjavic

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