Game of Thrones: Patience is a Virtue



Revenge is a dish best served cold, or when it comes to Lord Varys, in a shipping crate that take as much effort and time to open as a bottle of wine without the wine opener. Although I enjoyed this scene immensely I find it a bit too long and of point. A good foreshadowing for sure, but where is the actual thing we are all waiting for? It seems that the fourth episode, perhaps the most disappointing so far, is still about placing the key players into their rightful positions and maneuverings of all sorts and kinds. 265 minutes later and Tyrion is still convinced that his sister, Queen Regent Cersei tried to kill him during the Battle of Blackwater. Seeking THE proof that will condemn his big sister Tyrion reached out Varys for help. And while the Spider was not able to prove anything he did, however, told us a charming story as to how he come to lose his most valuable possession, as a man. At first this seemed irrelevant to the Tyrion quest that is until he finally opened a crate and revealed a sorcerer – covered in its own feces and excrement – who cut Varys genitalia off some thirty years ago. In return, Lord Varys spent his whole life tracking this man down and when he finally did, he locked him up in a little box, which he will be using to torture him for the rest of his days. Patience is a virtue indeed. And Tyrion’s revenge will be his in time.



For a boring character that she is (in the series) she sure did stir some seemingly calm waters of the King’s Landing. It started with Roz who read Little Finger’s travel plans (Wait what?! A whore from the North that can read?) and told Lord Varys how Little Finger is planning to take Sansa back to the Starks. Lord Varys of course couldn’t keep this to himself and despite the fact that he enjoys Little Finger immensely he is also full aware that we are talking about the “most dangerous man in Westeros”. Choosing his allies carefully, this time around he decided to approach the Queen of Thorns. He warned her that Little Finger is not to be underestimated (and I would advise you the same) and that he has his sights set on Sansa as the next in line for Winterfell (and thus the North) if something would happen to Rob Stark, her brother, the King of the North. Patience is truly a virtue Lord Baelish. Later on we see Margaery Tyrell proposing Sasna she should marry her brother, Loras Tyrell, which would make her the lady of Highgarden and establish a permanent affiliation with her “bestie” Margarey soon-to-be-The-Queen Tyrell, in the process. This of course would be the best option for poor Sansa despite the fact she is condemning herself to the lifetime without sex. Oh, little does she know.

The problem of the series translation of the book in this particular case is threefold. First, since there is no Roz in the books there is literally no way of knowing anything about Little Finger’s travelling agenda, until it actually happens. Second, the series has led us believe that it was Margaery who came up with the brilliant idea of wedding Ser Loras to Sansa, when it was in fact her grandmothers doing (you can connect the dots I assume). Third, it was not Loras Sansa would marry in the book but their third sibling, the cripple of Highgarden. How will this influence the outcome of the overall story I have no idea. All I can say I am looking forward to it.


In a wonderfully weird — but mostly just wonderful — twist on Theon’s little torture escapade, his ‘guardian angel’ actually led him back to the men who initially kidnapped him. For the majority of the episode, Theon thought he was being taken to see his sister, only to discover he was being taken in a complete circle. What a twisted patient game. Needless to say, this little act of craziness has Ramsey Bolton’s name written all over. And just how crazy is he? Well, let’s put it like this: If you thought Geoffrey was the king of psycho crazy, then you though wrong.



S*it got real in the North. Finally. Some of the men of the Night’s Watch got fed up with the way Craster was treating them so after a lot of name calling, all hell broke loose and a lot of men ended up dead including Craster and more importantly the Old Bear, Night’s Watch Lord Commander. Sam took the advantage of the situation saving his lady friend and her newborn son. What I don’t like about this is the way they are handling Sam’s story (in the book Sam is not such a coward, in the book Sam stayed with the Old Bear until his final moment and only then he decided to help Gilly).


Didn’t happen this time. Like at all. So there is nothing new behind the Wall, still.


Beric Dondarrion has FINALLY made an appearance. Unfortunately, the trail by combat is being saved for the next episode (fingers crossed) so all in all, nothing really noteworthy has happened here either.


But something has definitely started happening in the East. And as far as memory serves me, this is pretty much the only action we will see. It was a good scene,I must admit. Also, it is the only good scene of Daenerys in the book. A scene that changed how I feel about her for good. In case you haven’t noticed, she is one my least favorite characters.


Anyways, after exchanging her largest dragon for every last Unsullied, Daenerys commanded her army to free every slave and kill every master, before turning her dragon’s flame on an unsuspecting Nakloz. It might be just me but I really didn’t appreciate this gesture. However, I must admit that the look on his face when he realized that Daenerys spoke Valyrian, and therefore understood every demeaning word he had said about her, was priceless.



Jaime and Brienne continue to be the most interesting odd couple in Westeros, as their situation has forced a fascinating shift not only in the dynamic between the two, but also a remarkable turnaround for the a man who once shoved the innocent kid from Winterfell tower window in the name of love. Not only did Brave Companion cut off his sword hand, but they also forced him wear it around his neck, hanged on a string, adding a further insult to the unbearable injury. To make things even worse, already weak and dehydrated, he fell of off his horse faced down in the mud only to be aided by Hoat with some horse pee. Overall, it is safe to say that the Kingslayer and his plus-sized pal are not having the best of times.


However, despite the humiliation and excruciating pain, Ser Jaime Lannister gathered what little is left of his strength, got up, snatched the sword from one of his captives and single-left-handedly put up a fight proving once more that he is not the best knight in all the Westeros for no good reason. Brienne kicked and screamed trying to help him but it was all in vein. They just don’t stand a chance against the Brave Companion, at least not yet. But patience is a virtue, or so we were told, and the revenge will be theirs, in time. If they survive, that is.


Text written by: Monika Ponjavic

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