Game of Thrones: Riverlands (Arya Stark, The Hound and the Brotherhood)


Key players: Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark (nee Tully), Walder Frey, Roose Bolton, Lord Rickard Karstark, Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Hoat/Locke and Brave Companion, Arya Stark, The Hound, Brotherhood without Banners 



Arya is the third child and a second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Stark. She has three brothers: Robb, Bran, Rickon, a half-brother Jon Snow, and an older sister, Sansa.

When her father accepts the position of the Hand she travels with him to the King’s Landing but before she leaves her half-brother Jon Snow gives a sword called Needle, after her least favorite ladylike activity, as a parting gift. He tells her she will need to practice a lot if she wants to get good at it giving her the first lesson “stick ’em with the pointy end”. Once in the King’s Landing, she befriends a butcher’s boy named Mycah with whom she starts practicing. While taking a walk, prince Joffrey and Sansa, happen upon Arya and Mycah “fighting” in the woods. Joffrey starts tormenting the boy but Arya defends him with the help of her direwolf Nymeria, wounding prince’s hand in the process. Knowing that Nymeria will likely be killed in the retribution she sends her away. Arya was brought before King Robert who decided to let Eddard find the suitable punishment for his daughter, but Queen Cersei disagrees and orders that Sansa’s direwolf, Lady, is killed in Nymeria’s place. In the meantime, Mycah, having fled, is tracked and killed by Joffrey’s guard, the Hound. From this moment on Arya harbors a lasting enmity for Clegane, who ends up on her Hit List.

Soon after, her father discovers the Needle but she never gives Jon Snow away. After realizing she really wants to be trained, Eddard arranges the private lessons with Syrio Forel, the first sword of Braavos. During one of the lessons she discovers a secret passage in the castle. She overhears two men, Varys (the eunuch master of whispers) and Illyrio (man who kept Targaryen children safe at Pentos and gave dragon eggs to Daeneyers as a wedding gift), talking about her father and his death. During the purge of Stark from the Red Keep, Syrio realizing the Lannister men were not sent by her father, as they claimed, decides to hold them off so she can escape. She ends up living in the streets of Flea Bottom until the day of her father’s execution when she was found in the crowd by Yoren of the Night’s Watch, who knew who she really was. He then cuts off her hair and tells her to pretend to be a boy because the journey to the Wall will be long and hardly pleasant.

Soon after, near God’s Eye Lake they were attacked by the Lannister raiders. Arya is one of the few survivors, along with Gendry and Hot Pie. During the fighting she saved the lives of Night’s Watch prisoners Jaqen H’qar, Rorge and Biter. They were then all together transported to the Harrenhal where she assumes the role of a cupbearer for Tywin Lannister (in the books it is Roose Bolton). Jaqen comes to her offering her three deaths for three lives she has saved. After several days, she names Chiswick, a man who is torturing prisoners and who participated in a gang rape. He dies three days later. Next she names Weese, for being onto her. Later on she wants to name someone more important like Tywin Lannister or Armory Loch but instead she names Jaqen himself. To make her unsay his name he kills all the Lannister men enabling her to escape with Gendry and Hot Pie (things go a bit different in the book, he frees Northmen and stages an uprising before Roose Bolton took over the castle). When all is done, he gives her a coin so she can find him once he is gone. All she has to do is find a Braavosi man and tell him: Valar Morghulis (all men must die). To her amazement, he then changes his face in front of her, saying it was time for that man to die.


Not long after they – Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie – cross paths with the Brotherhood without Banners, who take them to the Inn of the Kneeling Men. Although they are not their prisoners, Brotherhood plans to ransom Arya for the money they will use for war. In the book she was recognized by Harwin, one of her father’s former guards but in the series she was recognized by The Hound who got captured and is standing trial. In both cases they happen upon each other. She accuses him of killing Mycah, he fights Beric Dondarrion, kills him and walks free. Disappointed with the Brotherhood and feeling all alone, after Hot Pie had left them and Gendry joined the Brotherhood, she escapes, only to get captured by Sandor Clegane, the Hound, who was trailing the group.

Current Location: On her way to the Twins (for Edmure Tully’s wedding)



Sandor Clegane is the member of the House Clegane and the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain. He earned his nickname The Hound for his savage nature and unquestioning obedience to his masters. As a child, Sandor was pushed into a fire by his brother for playing with one of his toys. He ended up with a facial scar and extreme fear of fire. He also came to loathe knighthood and the hypocrisy that comes with it. He entered the Lannister household the same day his brother Gregor came into inheritance.

During the Lannister service he acted as a personal bodyguard of Prince Joffrey. On the way from Winterfell, he killed the butcher’s boy, which earned him enmity of Arya Stark, who put him on her Hit List. He won the Tourney of the Hand (Eddard Stark) after saving Ser Loras Tyrell from Gregor’s wrath. He was eventually named a Kingsguard despite refusing to be a knight. In this capacity he was often assigned to watch over Sansa Stark, with whom he fell in love. Angry that she can’t look him in the eye due to his disfigurement, he mocks her for her polished manners, calling her “little bird” that chirps on command. Despite his loyalty to Joffrey, he strategically defended Sansa from Joffrey’s wrath several times making him the only Kingsguard who treated her with relative kindness trying to spare her from Joffrey’s sadism. During the Riot of King’s Landing, Sandor came to the aid of Sansa, when she was dragged into the alley by the angry mob. His intervention prevented a rape and a possible death.

He fought heroically and fierce in the Battle of Blackwater, but he eventually deserted after refusing Tyrion’s command to return to the fiery battlefield. He is fearless, yes, but not when it comes to fire. “Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city. Fuck the King.” as he was leaving. However, before he left, he paid the visit to Sansa Stark’s chambers. She wasn’t there so he fell asleep on her bed waiting for her. When she eventually arrived, he offered to take her away with him somewhere North. She refused. He pushed her on to the bed and put a knife to her throat drunkenly demanding that she sings a song she promised him earlier. Instead Florian and Jonquil she sings him a Mother song. He falls silently on her as she gently touches his cheek feeling the wetness that was blood and wetness that was not blood (tears). Shortly after he rips his bloody white cloak off and leaves. Afterwards as Sansa comes to remember these events, the scenario is slightly different as she remembers that he also kissed her.

“As the boy’s lips touched her own she found herself thinking of another kiss. She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak”

As a drifter, he was arrested by the Brotherhood without Banners in the Riverlands. The Brotherhood put Sandor on trial for various atrocities committed by Lannister soldiers, but no crime could be attributed to him personally until Arya testified to his killing of Mycah the butcher’s boy. He chose trial by combat, facing Beric Dondarrion, the group’s leader. A follower of R’hllor, Beric fought with the flaming sword but Hound managed to beat him despite his fear of fire. He was set free. When several of the Brotherhood, including Arya, stated that Sandor should be killed, Lord Beric said Lord of Light must have a purpose for him. Sandor later returned to claim his possesions but he stumbled upon Arya and took her instead, planning to ransom her from her brother Robb Stark at the Twins (Edmure Tully’s wedding).

Current Location: On his way to the Twins



The Brotherhood Without Banners, also known as the Knights of Hollow Hill and the Forgotten Fellowship, is an outlaw group who fights Lannister rule in the name of former King Robert. The group is comprised of the soldiers and nobles who were original sent by the (then) Hand of the King Eddard Stark to bring Gregor The Mountain Clegane (sent by Tywin Lannister in retribution for Tyrion Lannister’s abduction) to justice. After reports of marauding raiders in the Riverlands had reached King’s Landing, the Hand of the King, Lord Eddard Stark sent out a force under the command of Beric Dondarrion, including some of his own men, to stop the marauders and bring them to justice. According to witnesses the raiders were led by a man of monstrous size, whom Eddard realized could only be Ser Gregor Clegane. Clegane was therefor declared an outlaw. After the deaths of King Robert and Lord Eddard Stark, however, the roles got reversed.  Now, Clegane was fighting in the name of the law while Dondarrion and Brotherhood were declared outlaw. Despite this, they have continued the fight as guerrilla group to protect the people.

Current Location: South to raid the Lannister forces

Ser Berric Dondarion


Beric Dondarrion was Lord of Blackhaven betrothed to Lady Allyria Dayne. He comes to King’s Landing to fight in the Tourney of the Hand celebrating Eddard Stark’s appointment as Hand of the King. After the conclusion of the tournament, he remains in King’s Landing. This leads to Eddard Stark appointing him leader of an expedition to arrest Ser Gregor Clegane, who has been raiding the Riverlands after the capture of Tyrion Lannister. He then becomes the leader of newly formed Brotherhood without Banners. During his time with the Brotherhood he was killed six times so far. For the first time he was killed by Ser Gregor Clegane in the Battle at the Mummer’s Ford. Then was smashed with a mace on the side of the head by Ser Burton Crakehall, hanged at Rushing Falls by Ser Amory Lorch, stabbed in the eye, killed by an archer of Brave Companions and last but not least, killed by Sandor Clegane in a trial by combat. Thoros of Myr, an avid Lord of the Light follower, resurrected him every single time.

Thoros of Myr


Thoros is a Red priest from the free City of Myr in Essos. At the young age he was given to the red priests of R’hllor where he earned his priesthood but was never overly pious due to his tastes for fighting, drinking and women. He was sent to Westeros in the hope he could convert fire-obsessed King Aerys, but he failed. As a consequence he started to question his own faith. During Robert’s Rebellion he became a frequent drinking companion of King Robert and ultimately a friend. He was a frequent tourney melee champion using his lightning sword (he defeated Sandor Clegane three times in these melees). After the Tourney of the Hand, where he unhorsed Beric Dondarrion, he joined his party charged by Eddard Stark to seek out Gregor Clegane and bring him to justice. However, their party got ambushed by Gregor resulting in Berric’s death.While performing a traditional burial ritual of his faith, he resurrected him. This brought his faith back and he continued to be able to resurrect him through the means beyond his understanding.



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