20 most shocking moments of Game of Thrones (so far)


20. Mhysa


I am still in shock over the very last scene of season 03 finale. So lame.

19. King Joffrey is a bastard


A twist of faith the psycho deserves.

18. Chaos is a ladder


Although I am not particularly fond of any GoT whore, and by any I mean Shae and Ros, I found her death to be quite excessive. Giving her to Joffrey as a live, breathing, practicing target was a bit too much for my taste. But it served the purpose. Lord Baelish is not playing around and in his book betrayal is punishable by (worst imaginable) death. Joffrey killed her, you might say…yes, but this was hardly the point. We already knew how twisted the little bastard is. The point of this scene lies elsewhere – to show us just how cruel, ambitious and vengeful Littlefinger is in his quest for the North. And now we do.

17. Golden Crown


Khal Drogo not only broke the promise he gave to prince Viserys Targareyn but he also killed him whilst his sister, Khal’s wife Daenerys Targaryen, just stood there and watched, doing nothing. In fact, when I think about it, I was more shocked by Dany’s reaction than I was with Visery’s death. In all honesty I couldn’t care less if lives or dies. Therefore, I didn’t mind what they did. I mind the way they did it.

16. Sansa marries Tyrion


A promiscuous dwarf and an orphan child. What an unlikely pair.

15. Dracarys


Upon exchanging her largest dragon for every last Unsullied, Daenerys commanded her newly purchased  army to free every slave and kill every master, before turning her dragon’s flame on an unsuspecting Nakloz. It might be just me but I really didn’t appreciate this gesture. She gave her word and she broke it. Call me crazy but, a huge dislike.
However, I must admit that the look on his face when he realized that Daenerys spoke Valyrian, and therefore understood every demeaning word he had said about her, was priceless.

14. Lysa Arryn breastfeeding a 6-year-old Robert Arryn


A picture is worth a thousand words.

13. Melisandre gives birth to a Smoke Monster 


And she uses it to kill her lover’s brother. A stab in the back. Poor Renly didn’t see this one coming.

12. Bran can warg a human


And he happens to be the first warg in the history of time. I wonder if he can warg a dragon, if you  know what I mean.

11. Beric Dondarrion resurrects 


Not once. But 6 times.

10. Sam kills a White Walker


And not just any Walker. He killed a leader, who spared his life twice before. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, and with a dragonglass blade, I melt into a puddle…speaking of which..

09. White Walkers are made of ice?!


Enough said.

08. Khal Drogo dies of infected boob?!


Wait. What?!? An undefeated khalesar (and the most handsome member of the cast) dies of a flesh wound? Come on!

07. Jaime Lannister jumps into a bear pit


To save the life of a woman who kept him prisoner..and he did it unarmed and handless.


Why? Because he dreamed of her.



06. Valar Morghulis


Arya befriends an assassin named Jaqen H’ghar whose life she saved.  Jaqen is a curious man who offers her a gift of killing anyone she points her finger at. Valar Morghulis. Then he gets even more impressive when he demonstrates the best trick ever: face-changing. A man might need a name but he certainly needs no face.

05. Jaime Lannister looses his hand


This was the only time I cried during the books. The only time.
Jaime Lannister didn’t just lose his hand here; he lost his right hand, his sword hand, which, more or less, means he lost everything. Why? Well, he is not just a knight – he is the knight of the Kingsguard, which by definition means that he will be the knight of Kingsguard for as long as he lives. Therefore, he has no claim over Casterly Rock, meaning, there is nothing left for him in this world than being a knight. But what is more important in this particular constellation is not the loss of the sword hand but the loss of Jaime Lannister, the loss of Kingslayer the world used to know, the selfish, fearless, pompous bastard who had no compassion for others (or so we were led to believe), that is, not until he met a curious giant of a woman from the Sapphire Isle. Brienne of Tarth is a perfect plot device that brought Jaime’s true identity out on the surface, a device that showed us what is it that drives him to do the things he does or things he has done in the past. The story he told Vago Hoat/Locke was an elaborate lie, but an honest lie nonetheless. It is a lie told for the sake of “the unbesmirched honor”. So in a way, Jaime Lannister has lost his hand in the fight for preserving Brienne “the Maid” of Tarth’s virginity because in case you didn’t know he only rescues maidens. I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned it couldn’t get more noble than this.

04. The Dragons..


…exist after all!

03. The Red Wedding


Not one, but three main characters, all Stark, did not just die; they were slaughter at the hands of their allies, banner men and under the Guest right. The North will never forget.

02. Eddard Stark’s execution


It’s not just that Ned’s death was a defining moment for the series; a moment that – with cruelty and without any mercy – signaled, point-blank, that anyone could be killed at any point, but it was also that Ned was such a compelling character, a man with charisma and code, something that can’t be said for well 97% of the cast. But perhaps more importantly, Ned was a character the story revolved around. Killing him – the very core of the story – before we even reached the finale was a classic Hitchcockian moment, contemporary style, heralding what’s to come.

01. The things I do for love


In the very first episode, Bran Stark witnessed incest between Queen Cersei and her younger twin brother Ser Jaime Lannister (Joffrey’s parents). The young boy was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so naturally Jaime had no other choice but to push him out of the window. Ah, the things he does for love. And although this is hardly the most disturbing moment of the series that would go on to become even more insane,  this moment is, nonetheless, my number one and for the following reasons: (a) it happened at the end of the pilot episode; (b) we learned the Queen is having an incestuous affair with her guard/brother and (c) I got acquainted with my favorite character of all times – Ser Jaime Lannister. It was love on five words.

NOTE: I only used the scenes that coincided with the book


8 thoughts on “20 most shocking moments of Game of Thrones (so far)

  1. Jasmina says:

    I had a good musical background while I was reading this ^_^
    Good one!

  2. You’re a typical G.o.T fan

  3. Ondřej Michlovský says:

    Dracarys? Seriously? Would you keep you word, had you been in Dany’s place? No one who is sane would. So what she didn’t keep her promise? BFD, especially in a world such as GoT.

  4. Ondřej Michlovský says:

    And about Drogo – cut yourself deep with a knife and let the wound rot and fester in open sunlight for a few days and you’ll die too.

  5. #1 was really fucking shocking cos i hadn’t started reading yet.
    But Lysa really takes the cake… EWWWWWW

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