13 most moving moments of Game of Thrones


13. Tyrion – Bronn Bromance


Along with Arya and Tywin, the bromance between Tyrion and his right-hand man Bronn has been a constant source of amusement during the second season. We particularly enjoyed the tender (for them) farewell these new pals shared before the Battle of Blackwater began. All that was missing was a fist bump.

12. Separation of the last Stark pair: Bran and Rickon


Yes, all the Starks are separated now. Very sad.

11. Tyrion leads the men into the Battle of Blackwater


We’ve known all along that Tyrion is the best character on this show. But others seemed to realize it too when Joffrey fled the battle and the Hand was forced to deliver an inspirational speech and lead his men into battle. He did, and he received a brutal scar for his troubles, but at least, for a short while, everyone cheered for the “Half Man.”    

10. Ygritte shoots Jon Snow


Ygritte shooting Jon Snow, not once but three times, was the most romantic thing I have seen on TV in a long time, if not ever.

09. Well Lackadaddy I am on the road again


When they began their journey to King’s Landing for an old-fashioned prisoner swap, who would have guessed that stern Brienne of Tarth and wily Jaime “The Kingslayer” Lannister would slowly, but surely, become the best of friends and our favorite Westerosi couple? (Not that they’d admit that to each other, of course.) Funny what losing a hand/almost getting gang-raped by soldiers/taking a hot bath/fighting a bear will do.

08. Catelyn talks about Jon Snow


Saying that Jon Snow was her child after all, even for a long night, almost brought the tears to my eyes.

07. Winterfell burns to the ground


So Long, Winterfell. The Stark homestead was unceremoniously burned to the ground, leaving Bran and Rickon without refuge and one less location for the show to have to keep track of on the opening credits map next season.

06. The Red Wedding


05. The case of a missing hand


It is not a secret – I loved Jaime Lannister from the get-go. Locke relieving him of his kingslaying sword hand only amplified my feelings. But the paradox of this scene resides not in Jaime Lannister’s pain or our pleasure for seeing the cosmic payback (transforming him into a cripple) but in that short, sharp shock provided by one of the best episode-ending cut-to-blacks we’ve seen since Tony Soprano pounded down onion rings before getting shot and/or going home and living a long, unhappy life.

04. A wolf king


Grey Wind’s head. Robb Stark’s body. Yes…it happened. And Arya saw it all. Add the Hound into the mix and you have yourself one of the most moving moments of Game of Thrones up to date. The history is repeating. Poor Arya.

03. Drogo’s death and The Funeral Pyre (the birth of the dragons)


Not only was Khal Drogo one of the most interesting characters of the show, he was also the undefeated khalesar (and the most handsome member of the cast) who, to our shock, died of a flesh wound!? With his death, everything regarding Dany’s storyline, changed. Beyond repair.

02. Arya and Sansa witness their father’s death


It’s not just that Ned’s death was a defining moment for the series; a moment that – with cruelty and without any mercy – signaled, point-blank, that anyone could be killed at any point, but it was also that Ned was such a compelling character, a man with charisma and code, something that can’t be said for well 97% of the cast. But perhaps more importantly, Ned was a character the story revolved around. Killing him – the very core of the story – before we even reached the finale was a classic Hitchcockian moment, contemporary style, heralding what’s to come. Having his both daughters witnessing the execution from two different stands foreshadowing their future was a just a cherry on top.


01. Jon Snow deserts the Night’s Watch


I know what you are thinking. This is nowhere near the number one. But it is in my books and only for one reason – Jon Snow is not an oathbreaker, which makes him the last honorable man standing in Westeros. This leaves us to only one question – will he break his oath for Arya if the time comes? All I can say is: The Needle.

00. Each Time a Wolf dies, a little piece of me dies with him…..

Honorable Mention: Not Today!


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