Game of Thrones: Roads that lead to nowhere

Monika Ponjavic


Fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ fifth season begins on water. At the end of one world we have Tyrion, now a prisoner of Jorah Mormont, on his way to meet the Queen. It is interesting to notice how the notion of a queen in this case refers to a completely different person to two different characters. Tyrion still considers his sister Cersei a queen (although by marriage to Tommen, that role has now been assigned to Margaery), while Jorrah sees only Daenerys as his queen.



At the end of another world Tyrion’s brother Jaime, in service of his queen, accompanied by Bronn, is headed to Dorne to rescue his “niece” Myrcella. On his way there, the ship he is on passes the Sapphire Isle, the home of his one true friend, Brienne of Tarth. The look on Jaime’s face pretty much…

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