7 things Game of Thrones got wrong

Monika Ponjavic



A former smith and soldier for the Baratheons (he made Robert’s warhammer!) Donal Noye is a smith, armorer and steward for the Night’s Watch. He lost an arm in the siege of Storm’s End, you know, when Davos Seaworth lost his fingers. We first meet him in A Game of Thrones when he dishes out some real talk to Jon Snow about fighting fairly and making friends with the other recruits. And although initially he saved Jon from the bullies, later on he also demonstrated that he is not a kind man but in fact a pretentions bully that enjoys humiliating new recruits in the training yard.


However, when the Wildlings attack the Wall in A Storm of Swords, it’s Donal Noye who steps it up to take command. Short on men, he uses his brains to defeat the wildling Thenns by drenching the stairs in…

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