Game of Thrones: Predictions

Read at your own peril.

Monika Ponjavic

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EPISODE 8 – Hardhome

Daenerys will discard Jorah like she usually does and instead will take Tyrion as her new member of the council. Fans will go wild. Two fan favorites are finally together. Rejoice.

Cersei is still locked up trying to figure out how to get out of this peril. Maybe her uncle Kevan finally comes back and helps her? Maybe Quburn? Maybe no one. Poor Cersei, all alone.

Most of the episode will be negotiation and a battle at Hardhome. White Walkers will come and fight Jon. He will survive. Maybe. Either way he will get injured. What happens with a human that is injured by a WW weapon? IS he now marked? Or…Anyways, Considering Night’s King is a Stark will tell him “Jon, I am your father.” Jon will cut off his arm in self defense and flee.

EPISODE 9 – A Dance of Dragons

Daenerys will…

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