GAME OF THRONES: Winter is finally here!

Best episode of Game of Thrones to date.

Monika Ponjavic


Can we take a moment to appreciate the last fifteen minutes of what will soon be known as the best episode of season 5?


The general consensus among the fans is that the pacing is slightly off this season. However, with this episode the season finally picked up steam. I have no doubt that momentum will continue over the next two episodes but nothing can top these last moments, nothing except perhaps Jon turning into a White Walker towards the very end of the season. Fingers crossed. And let’s be realistic here – who wouldn’t want to belong to the most badass army that ever existed?


No time was wasted this week, “Hardhome” opened with Tyrion and Jorah facing Daenerys in her throne room. I loved the way Tyrion introduced himself. “I’m the greatest Lannister killer of our time” he told Dany…

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