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Monika Ponjavic


And….. It happened. Another one of my biggest fears came true. Not only did Benioff and Weiss rip off the story of Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter Iphigenia whilst trying to get to Troy, they also failed to understand the context of this Greek classic. So instead of killing a child in a brutal fashion one can argue that they had the opportunity of doing something else completely – making Shireen looking like a true here by the means of sacrifice done out of love for her father and for the greater good of the realm. Who knows, maybe the Gods would save her for this act of courage? Instead, now, on one hand we have Shireen dead and on the other we have Stannis, the confirmed kinslayer (who did not only kill his brother second hand but his daughter too).

Davos will be pissed. And if I were him I…

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