Monika Ponjavićarchitect, performance researcher, curator

Born in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia.

MSc in Architecture

Transformation of Public Space for Film Festival  (mentor: prof. Radivoje Dinulovic)

MA in International Performance Research

-Film Curation: Deconstructing Cinema (mentors: prof. Nevena Dakovic (Belgrade), prof. Outi Lahtinen (Helsinki))


Body Never Lies  (2011, performance research with Marina Radulj and students of architecture at AGF)

Who is choreographing whom? (2011, performance in Prague, with Ruairi Glynn, Francesco Marullo, Marina Radulj, Jonathan Rennie and Omar Khan)

Unlisted (2012/2013, performance series with Christina Kruise, Ana Letunić and Aleksandar Brkić)

SingularPlural (2012, PAR, with Aparna Nambiar, Colin Lalonde, Juan Aldape, Marina Radulj and Tatjana Vukelić)

Academy of Work: Gastev’s Studio (2012, installation, with Arne Hendriks and Partizan Publik)

Flaster Graffiti Jam (2013, with Ivan Kusturić, Saša Hajduković and Petar Bilbija)

Who is the Perfect Human? (2012/2013, series of video works)

-Exhibited works at Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in 2011 , MIKSER Festival, 46. BITEF Festival, Sarajevo Winter and Alternativa: Gdansk.

-Took part in Open Spatial Lab Prague (2011)

-Invited to lead the following workshops:

Using City as Creative Tool Belgrade (2012)

World Stage Design Cardiff (2013)

Love what I do.


I am impatient.

I have a low tolerance for bulls*it. And rudeness. And fake masks.

I am overly honest, direct and straightforward. Not to mention, emotional.

So, all in all, I think it is safe to say that I have poor social skills.

For the last 15 years I smell like…. Apricot. Plum. Coconut. Tuberose. Jasmine. Lilly-of-the-valley. Rose. Brazilian Rosewood. Caraway. Sandalwood. Almond. Vanilla. Musk. Hypnotic Poison is my one and only true love.

Men who smell of washing powder make me happy.

I love films. More than, pretty much, anything.

My favorite contemporary director is without a doubt Paul Thomas Anderson.

I am also very fond of David Fincher. Terence Malick. Alfred Hitchcock. Stanley Kubrick. Orson Welles. Woody Allen. Ethan and Joel Cohen. Hal Ashby. Hal Hartley. Wes Anderson. David Cronenberg. David Lynch. Mike Nichols. Nicolas Winding Refn.

As for Europe…Well… Michael Haneke. Francois Ozon. Thomas Vinterberg. Yorgos Lanthimos. Steve McQueen. Claire Denis. Jean Luc Godard. Lars von Trier. Francois Truffaut. Luis Bunuel. Jacques Tati. Aki Kaurismaki. Dardenne brothers. Michel Gondry. Federico Fellini.

I am afraid of buttons, heights, earthquakes and planes.
Almost crashed once. Instead of panicking I just stared at people faces trying to remember as much as I could….

Monty Python makes me laugh. Ben Stiller doesn’t.

I have playful mind but short legs. I cannot climb ropes. Or trees for that matter. Nor can I jump as high or far as I would like to.

I have problem with numbers. For example if I am making a list only 3, 5, 7 or 10 come to mind. So its not about odd and even numbers.

I love the smell of ozone and soil bacteria after rain.

Hate Tom Cruise. And Ryan Reynolds.

Not fond of Nicole Kidman either.

I do not feel comfortable in a crowd.

I am afraid of people yet I can’t live without them.

I grow cherry tomato in my garden.

My favorite book is The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. Waiting for Godot comes as close second.

I enjoy watching Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Stewart, Edward Norton, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender, John Turturro, Daniel Day Lewis, Mads Mikkelsen, Stellan Skarsgard, Gene Kelly, Rat Pack and Kevin Spacey on screen.

And of course, Heath Ledger as Joker.

It’s not a secret, Christopher Nolan single-handedly broke my heart with Dark Knight Rises (2012).

I prefer cinema to theater. But I just love, love being backstage. It has something to do with the smell. And silence.

I wish I could communicate without speaking.

I am in love with Barcelona. But I had a one-night stand with Montreal.

Speaking of love…Rocky Mountains! I’ve experienced  – 40°C wearing nothing but a swimsuit. It was scary yet fantastic!

Space defines who I am. People too. They are inseparable.

I am very intuitive.
I base my decisions on intuition alone. Don’t have regrets. Don’t hold grudges.

I understand men…better than women. I guess this has something to do with the fact that most of my friends are men. Or not.

My dreams are vivid and wild.

I have a thing for crossbows and swords.

Creature of paradox: openhearted introvert.

I believe that whatever is for you, will not pass you by.

I love giving gifts to people I don’t really know all that well.

I am stubborn. And determined. My mind likes challenge and complexity.

I suck at chit chat.

I am better in one-on-one conversation than I am in a group.

If I ever crashed on an island I would be Locke. Speaking of which, Lost is my favorite TV show. Game of Thrones is close second. So are Scrubs, Seinfeld, Californication, The Wire and Sherlock.

I have a thing for assholes with a soft heart.

Therefor it comes as no surprise that James Ford, Jaime Lannister, Dr. Cox, Janitor, Kelso and Hank Moody are my all time favorite characters.

People confide in me. I don’t know why.

One person described me as Raw Life. It was the best compliment I have ever gotten.

I was hit by lightening. Twice.

Fell in love four times. Had a crush on someone thousands of times.

Half of them were fictional.

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I drink your Milkshake. I drink it up.



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  1. Rick Terry says:

    They say, when you do whatchya love it never feels like work. Sadly I haven’t gotten there myself yet.

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